The First U.S. Cathedral Turns 200

Baltimore’s Bishop John Carroll had a decision to make. It was 1805, and the diocese then encompassed the entire U.S. Years before, Pope Pius VI had urged Carroll to build a cathedral church. But what kind of building would it be? And what would it say about American Catholics? His […]

Artist Chris Wormell Turns Words into Birds

The British illustrator Chris Wormell, 65, knew early on that the kind of art he wanted to make would be “a bit backward-looking.” As a boy in London, some of his favorite pictures were wood-engravings by Thomas Bewick, the 18th-century British illustrator known for his vignettes of the natural world. […]

Walmart turns four stores into e-commerce laboratories

Walmart store testing new technology Source: Walmart Walmart is turning four of its stores into laboratories that test ways to turn the retailer’s huge physical footprint into a more powerful edge for e-commerce. The big-box giant said Thursday that it’s designating two stores near its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and […]