Workplace Harassment in the Age of Remote Work

According to a Deloitte survey, Women at Work: A Global Outlook, 52 percent of women have experienced some form of harassment or microaggression in the past year, ranging from the belief that their judgment is being questioned because they are women to disparaging remarks about their physical appearance, communication style, […]

Fruits of a teacher’s work

Mar. 13—Life as a lawyer and perhaps a politician awaited Arthur Feinsod. After taking a theater course at Harvard University, he was asked to teach in a summer acting and poetry program for inmates at the maximum-security state prison in nearby Walpole, Mass. Feinsod agreed, thinking the experience would bolster […]

Best face mask for work in 2021

Although some states and parts of the world are beginning to re-open, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization are still urging people to wear non-medical face masks and coverings when outside the home. This doesn’t mean just N95s or even loose-fitting surgical masks (PDF). They can be reusable cloth masks, […]