How Do I Deal With Cheating in the Age of Zoom?

Third, it is reckless, posing harm to you and your classmates. The penalties for plagiarism are severe and can include being expelled from the university. If your exam performance seems far better than your class contributions, your teachers will often recognize that. Lying when asked about it compounds the problem […]

4 Ways To Put Your Best Self Forward On Zoom

Happy millennial african american man in glasses wearing headphones, enjoying watching educational … [+] webinar on laptop. Smiling young mixed race businessman holding video call with clients partners. getty Marie Labrosse, a master’s student in English Literature at McGill University contributed to this story. Mark Bowden, human behaviour and body […]

How to host a holiday office party on Zoom

There are plenty of things companies can do virtually, but the key this year is to give back and make employees feel appreciated, party planners said. Image: iStock/nito100 The venues may be different—very different this year—but it’s still possible to host a fun and engaging holiday office party on Zoom. […]