TLDR: From password managers to schedulers to administrative aids, these 10 time-saving apps can help you get through your day more efficiently.

So, look…most of these time-saving apps aren’t exactly gift-giving material. Sure, you could give your brother-in-law a password manager; or your mailman a grammar checker. But the real recipient of these early access Black Friday deals is probably going to be you.

With the discounts on most of these offers already up over 90 percent, it’s a great gift for your wallet as well as your future time efficiency. Plus, you can shave an extra 40 percent off those heavily lowered prices by using the promo code BFSAVE40 when you check out.

1. Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $29.99 (price dropped)

Sticky will tighten up all your leaky passwords in a heartbeat. With a click, this award-winning password management and form filler solution can create strong, new passwords for all of your accounts, automatically log you in to all your password-protected sites, and fill out online forms instantly with saved information. It works across all your devices for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

2. Slides Pro Plus Plan: Lifetime Subscription – $29.40 with promo code: BFSAVE40

Creating pitch decks for meetings is critical, but they take some serious time. With a Slides Pro Plus Plan, you can use this slide editor to create a professional slide deck at lightning speed, customize and style your deck with a single click, then track viewer information and action for each visit. Tailored especially for startup entrepreneurs, these clean, yet engaging templates can help nab just the type of investor you seek.

3. Pagico 9 Task and Data Management Software – $15 with promo code: BFSAVE40

Get your professional life in order. This task and data management software turns to-do lists into meaningful timelines, visualizes projects with updates, centralizes tasks, cross-links everything, and more. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, intuitive organizing happens easily and efficiently so you can work smarter while getting more done.

4. Invoice Crowd: Estimation and Accounting System – $29.40 with promo code: BFSAVE40

Want to go paperless with all your company accounting? This online platform designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses can make it happen. You can assemble proposals, create invoices, automate payments and more with this powerful, feature-rich app that won 5 out of 5 star ratings from users on Capterra and Product Hunt.

5. PDFBEAR All in One PDF Software: Lifetime Subscription – $42 with promo code: BFSAVE40

Editing PDFs is absolutely a bear. That’s why this simple PDF app lets you convert finicky PDF files into more user-friendly formats for making changes in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You can even make them into a JPEG. Or convert a file into a PDF with all this cross-format functionality.

6. Mockuuups Studio Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $24 with promo code: BFSAVE40

Beloved by freelancers and agencies worldwide, the Mockuuups Studio is a super-easy mockup generator that can help you whip up product images, marketing materials and even content for social media or blog posts. Just drop an image into the app, then let Mockuuups Studio automatically incorporate it into any of over 600 different templates. What would normally take an artist a few hours to do happens here in just a few minutes.

7. TimeSync Pro: Lifetime Subscription – $24 with promo code: BFSAVE40

This is the app that can put you and your entire team back on the same page. With Novocall TimeSync, you can schedule meetings and calls, seamlessly bring in other stakeholders, and track schedules and outcomes. It even integrates with all the apps you’re already using, including your calendar, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Facebook.

8. Sizle Pro Design Platform: Lifetime Subscription – $18 with promo code: BFSAVE40

Sizle doesn’t just help you present sales information to clients, it actually shows you how they respond to the presentation. The app helps you assemble high-converting presentations in just a few clicks, then offers slide-by-slide analytics, live feedback tools, and viewer engagement insights that can help you close the deal. You can harness all the analysis power of a giant CRM, but without all that unnecessary hassle.

9. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: Lifetime Subscription – $24 with promo code: BFSAVE40

This 5-in-1 writing tool will help make sure all your writing from reports to emails is top-notch. Including an advanced grammar tool, spelling, style and punctuation checkers, and even a translator that works in over 50 languages, WhiteSmoke doesn’t just fix mistakes. It actually makes your writing better.

10. Hubstaff Tasks Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $30 with promo code: BFSAVE40

This intuitive Agile project management platform keeps any project on time, on track and fully engaged. With built-in time-tracking, sprints, daily stand-ups, timelines, roadmaps, and more, this is the central hub to get an entire team communicating and working at its best. At a glance, everyone knows where every facet of the project stands.

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