To get the most from your console, it can be useful to equip yourself with some extra accessories that can enhance your experience (iStock/The Independent)

To get the most from your console, it can be useful to equip yourself with some extra accessories that can enhance your experience (iStock/The Independent)

When you buy a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, the console comes with the bare essentials you need. That includes detachable joy-con controllers and a charging dock (or charging cable for the Lite).

However, to get the most from your new games console, it can be useful to equip yourself with some extra accessories that can enhance your experience.

We tested a range of products over a number of weeks (and in some cases, years) while playing numerous games on the system, including Fortnite, Super Mario 3D World, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and we think these are the best accessories you can buy right now.

Whether you’re looking for a more traditional controller or you want to be able to plug a headset into your console, there’s an accessory for you here. Not that you might need all of the options listed here. This is just a guide of what’s out there and while each entry is certainly helpful, your mileage will vary depending on how you plan on using your console.

It might be tempting to buy every single accessory on this list, but if you’re a solo gamer, for instance, you won’t have to worry about extra controllers, and a power bank will only be practical if you plan on taking your Nintendo Switch outdoors with you frequently.

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The best Nintendo switch accessories for 2021 are:

  • Best overall – PowerA fusion pro wireless controller: £82.78,

  • Best for digital storage – SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSD card: £29.99,

  • Best carry case – Orzly carry case: £9.99,

  • Best screen protector – Hori switch screen filter: £8.99,

  • Best controller for kids – PowerA Pokemon enhanced wireless controller: £39.99,

  • Best power bank – Anker powercore 20100: £42.99,

  • Best joy-con controllers – Nintendo Switch joy-con pair: £56.77,

  • Best sound accessory – Creative sound blaster G3 amplifier: £34.99,

  • Best headset – SteelSeries arctis 3: £79.36,

  • Best charging station – PowerA charging station: £14.89,

PowerA fusion pro wireless controller

Best: Overall

Rating: 9/10

As we’ve already mentioned, the Nintendo Switch comes with its own Joy-Con controllers, but they’re not quite the same as using a regular games controller. The PowerA fusion pro wireless controller means you can enjoy a more traditional gaming experience as it feels like an Xbox or PlayStation controller.

Offering programmable paddles, analog thumb sticks that can be swapped out for the perfect fit, as well as rubberised handles for grip, it’s an ideal controller for longer gaming sessions. It also comes with a carrying case that gives it a premium feel.

For those times when you still want to enjoy something lighthearted, it’s just as competent when playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (£39.99, or 51 Worldwide Games (£25.99, too. It’s the flexibility of this controller that makes it feel like it’s enhanced the Nintendo Switch substantially.

Buy now £82.78,

SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSD card

Best: For digital storage

Rating: 8/10

A microSD card might not feel like the most exciting of purchases but it’s near essential if you plan on buying many games from the Nintendo eShop store. With regular sales online, being able to download games straight to your Nintendo Switch is often practical as well as convenient.

SanDisk is one of the most reliable names in the microSD card field so it makes sense to stick with a reputable brand. Plus, 256GB of storage should be plenty for the majority of users – although dedicated gamers may be tempted to go for the 512GB variety, especially if they intend on mostly owning games digitally. Whatever you go for, setup is a simple matter of slotting the card into the clearly placed microSD slot on your console. There’s no need to format or do anything more complicated than that.

Buy now £32.90,

Orzly carry case

Best: Carry case

Rating: 8/10

The Nintendo Switch is a highly portable console which is useful on the one hand but can mean it risks being damaged in transit. Buy the Orzly carry case and that’s no longer a concern. Lightweight yet with a hard EVA shell, it’ll keep the device protected from any knocks with a soft inner material that keeps the screen and plastic exterior safe from scratches.

The case also has a handle for carrying purposes, plus there’s room to fit your extra joy-con controllers and a selection of games, cables, and other accessories too. It’s all suitably well designed to be subtle yet safe.

Buy now £9.99,

Hori switch screen filter

Best: Screen protector

Rating: 8/10

A screen protector means you won’t have to worry about any scratches or damage while playing. Hori offers consistently great screen filters that are easy to apply and promise to be free of bubbles.

The key here is that the Hori switch screen filter works so well that you won’t really notice it once you’ve applied it. That’s thanks to high-quality film that means the difference between the filter and your screen is imperceptible meaning your Switch is safe without leaving you feeling like you’re suffering from a degraded experience. It’s not an exciting purchase by any means but it does mean that your console will be kept in pristine condition for longer.

Buy now £8.99,

PowerA Pokemon enhanced wireless controller

Best: Controller for kids

Rating: 9/10

The Nintendo Switch is great for all the family so it makes sense to buy a family-orientated controller to go alongside existing devices. This PowerA Pokemon enhanced wireless controller is sure to captivate little (and not so little) ones while also being a very capable controller in its own right. It’s a wireless device with up to 30 hours per charge and two mappable buttons.

Setup also takes mere seconds so it’s far from complicated to get started with. It’s robust too with anti-friction rings for smooth thumbtack controls and a build that can withstand a few frustrated blows or shoves. With a wide choice of different colour schemes also available, it’s great for adding the personal touch for how your kids game.

Buy now £39.99,

Anker powercore 20100

Best: Power bank

Rating: 9/10

If you plan on taking your Switch out and about with you a lot, such as on a long journey or simply throughout your working day, a power bank can be a useful addition. It means you can recharge your console without needing to find a wall socket. Anker is a great brand for power banks and the powercore 20100 will work with more than just your console.

Weighing as little as a tin of soup, it’s still able to charge up to two devices at once and at speed, so you can recharge your device and your phone at the same time. Surge protection means you won’t have to worry about any damage occurring either.

Buy now £42.99,

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair

Best: Joy-con controllers

Rating: 8/10

We’re partial to regular games controllers but joy-con controllers also serve a great purpose for expanding your options when playing multiplayer games. Games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe feel just as potent with smaller Joy-Con controllers so they’re a useful addition on top of your existing ones. That goes even further if you’re using a Nintendo Switch Lite given its lack of detachable controllers.

With plenty of different colours to choose from, you can easily show off your personality here with whatever you choose meaning more of the family can game at once. Straps ensure there won’t be any awkward “throwing through the TV” issues too.

Buy now £56.77,

Creative sound blaster G3 amplifier

Best: Sound accessory

Rating: 8/10

The sound on the Switch isn’t the best, even if you use a pair of headphones to improve matters. What helps is this Creative sound blaster G3 amplifier. With a little bit of tweaking and in conjunction with a good pair of headphones, you’ll soon find an improved audio experience from the console itself.

In our time with it, we found ourselves noticing footsteps of enemies more acutely and feeling more of the experience when playing the likes of Breath of the Wild (£47.99,, but you’ll need a good pair of headphones to ensure this. Small enough to carry around with you or put in a carry case, it’s a small but mighty addition for those that want the best from their gaming time.

Buy now £34.99,

SteelSeries arctis 3

Best: Headset

Rating: 9/10

For the most immersive experience, you need a good pair of headphones. The SteelSeries arctis 3 are some of the best out there for all consoles including the Nintendo Switch. Comfortable to wear with high-quality sound, you get the benefit of low distortion audio whether you’re taking in a subdued single-player experience or something more visceral.

A comfortable ski goggle suspension headband feels comfy around your head so you won’t suffer from any pesky pressure points during extended sessions, plus there’s a high-quality Discord-certified microphone for when you need to communicate with others.

Buy now £79.36,

PowerA charging station

Best: Charging station

Rating: 8/10

Joy-con controllers can recharge while plugged into your console but a far more convenient solution is to use a dedicated charging station. By doing so, they’re ready to grab when you’re ready to play again, plus it generally looks a fair bit neater.

This charging station from PowerA can charge up to four controllers simultaneously and it’s easy to slide them in during downtime. It has a weighted base so it won’t tip over on your TV unit or nearby surface, and the whole device is powered by USB so it’s easy to find somewhere to store it. It’s a useful way of avoiding running out of charge at key times.

Buy now £14.89,

The verdict: Nintendo Switch accessories

A high-quality controller is an essential way to get more from your Nintendo Switch which is why the PowerA Fusion Pro wireless controller is such a useful addition if you plan on playing a lot of games. Particularly for sweeping epics like Breath of the Wild, you’ll feel far more in control using this than a regular joy-con controller.

Alongside that, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of storage so the SanDisk Ultra 256GB microSD card is a worthy runner up. While you might be able to get by with less storage, it’s simply more convenient to not need to uninstall games regularly to free up room. It’s a small but significant improvement.

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