Mike Gingerich

Mike Gingerich

In 2010, the United States Department of Justice released the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design. Under this set of standards, companies must offer and maintain their websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. Resources such as ADA compliance services and web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) make it easier for your business to make your website accessible to all users globally. However, this can still be an overwhelming process. This is where AccessiBe comes in.

AccessiBe can automatically ensure your website is ADA compliant. This practical program can be used to help your business grow while emphasizing your commitment to serving all users.


ADA Standards for Accessible Design compliance requires that businesses offer a way for people with disabilities to conveniently access electronic and information technology (such as websites). This includes such things as adding alternative tags for images and creating text transcripts for videos.


Organizations that should comply with ADA requirements include businesses that are working for the benefit of the public, local and state government agencies and private employers with more than 15 employees.

Considering the ADA covers electronic and other information technology, such as websites and the internet, it can impact many webmasters and businesses. While some businesses don’t necessarily need to be ADA compliant, it’s still best to create websites that can be used by everyone.


If you are required to be ADA compliant but choose not to be, a lawsuit can be filed against your business. This will occur if people with disabilities can’t access your website. While the United States Department of Justice may not have official ADA compliance guidelines, they do have recommendations in place to make sure that your website is ADA compliant.


AccessiBe uses world-class web accessibility technology. The process of ADA compliance is made automatic by using computer vision technology and machine learning. AccessiBe’s artificial technology is responsible for some of the complex web accessibility keyboard navigation and screen reader adjustments for the motor impaired and blind.

Here’s why AccessiBe is important for your business.

A Context-Based Understanding of Artificial Intelligence Technology: As humans we understand that a particular layout is a menu and a certain element is a button, this is due to visual cues, context, and past experience. AccessiBe’s artificial intelligence employs the “thinking” process as it analyzes a website. The artificial technology visually matches the website behavior and elements to other encounters it has previously had. Therefore giving each website a human-like review.

OCR AI and Image Recognition Technology: AccessiBe even scans all the images on a website for alternative text. In instances where images lack alternative text, any embedded text is extracted using OCR. AccessiBe can then accurately and elaborately provide the alternative text of all images when blind users are navigating the website.


AccessiBe takes advantage of two applications that help websites achieve full compliance. Firstly, the artificial intelligence-powered background process handles optimization for keyboard navigation and screen readers. On the other hand, the accessibility interface is best suited for design-related and user interface adjustments.

AccessiBe will continuously monitor your website and ensure that your website stays ADA compliant. By scanning and analyzing your business website everyday, each update is made ADA compliant almost instantly.

To check whether your website is already ADA compliant, begin by entering your domain name in the AccessiBe compliance checker. You then receive an accurate and detailed audit that includes the score and explanation for each test.


AccessiBe’s one of a kind artificial intelligence technology makes ADA compliance a straightforward process. So, if your business is required to be ADA compliant, it’s important to do so immediately. Not only will this help your business avoid a possible legal battle but, it can also increase your reach online. Becoming ADA compliant with AccessiBe is a crucial step you shouldn’t miss.

Mike Gingerich is president of Digital Hill Multimedia (www.DigitalHill.com), a Goshen web design, web software and social media marketing firm. He is also a business blogger on tech, marketing, and growth. Find out more at www.MikeGingerich.com/blog/.

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