Tesla has started to introduce its new center console in the Model Y electric SUV after bringing it to the Model 3 last year.

Late last year, Tesla launched a refresh version of the Model 3 with several updated features.

One of the biggest changes was a new center console between the two front seats.

Tesla got rid of the piano black glossy finish and replaced it with a matte finish.

Instead of having a phone charger added to the top section, it has now been embedded into the console’s top section, which is now wrapped in the faux leather material around on all side.

The center section now slides open instead of with a flipping system in the previous version.

That system has been known to be flimsy at times for some owners, while the new sliding system is more robust and less subject to staying open.

The new center console was only integrated into the new Model 3 and not the Model Y despite the fact that the two vehicles were sharing an interior prior to the changes.

Now a few months later, TMC member joeinsac found a few brand-new Tesla Model Y at the Tesla center in Rocklin, California and they were equipped with the new center console:

One of the vehicles was showing a VIN 122,778 and a build date of 02/09/2021, which can give us an indication of around when Tesla made the change in the Model Y.

Although, the automaker still shows the old center console on the online configurator for the electric SUV:

Therefore, it’s unclear if all new Model Y vehicles are being built with the new center console or if Tesla is still transitioning the interior.

At times, Tesla has been known to make hardware changes gradually whenever they are ready and still produce some vehicles with some older hardware.

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