Tessica Brown, dubbed online as “Gorilla Glue Girl” is coming out with her own hair care product line. A few months ago, Brown made headlines after she sprayed the super adhesive in her hair, cementing her hairstyle in place for weeks before having to get the glue surgically removed. 

Brown, who’s also expecting a child, told TMZ her hair care line was inspired by Gorilla Glue and will keep your hair in place, minus the saga she endured. Brown also said she wanted to create products to help people who suffer from hair loss or damage, because of her firsthand experience. 

The product line is called Forever Hair and launches Wednesday (June 16), according to the outlet. It features a growth oil, hair spray, edge control, all priced under $20. If you’re interested in trying the products out, they’re available on her company’s website tbforeverhair.com.

Brown told the outlet she partnered with hair care professionals in designing her line’s formula, which she claims will promote growth and overall hair health. 

Brown first got the Gorilla Glue stuck in her hair after she was in a rush and ran out of her usual hairspray. She had Gorilla Glue spray in the house after using it to hang up holiday decorations, and thought it would come out. After trying everything from coconut oil to water, Brown ended up in the emergency room and eventually the office of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

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