Walt Disney World is home to the most extensive variety of eateries out of all the Disney parks around the world. From the creative, immersive quick service food locations to the sit-down, more upscale restaurants, the entire area is packed with different dining options. However, the most popular are the restaurants that offer “character dining.” Who wouldn’t want the huge buffet at Chef Mickey’s, or the chance to meet the princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table?

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Epcot is the most obvious park choice to “drink around the world” and try various cultural dishes, as it focuses on the various countries Disney showcases, including Italy. All four Orlando parks have Italian restaurants, though, including small pizza joints to casually hang out with a group and the fancier dine-in restaurants for sweet Disney date nights.

10 Trattoria Al Forno

Trattoria Al Forno - Disney World Italian Restaurants -

This location usually is a favorite because of its character breakfast with Ariel, Eric, Rapunzel, and Flynn Rider. Its Resort location gives this restaurant the beautiful surroundings of the entire Boardwalk. The interior is a cozy, brick-oven, authentic Italian hideaway that’s enough to convince its guests that they’re in Italy, and the waitstaff provides high-quality service to each table.

However, aside from all this, this Italian restaurant isn’t as top-notch as some strongly believe. The food is good, overall, but the pizza, as overpriced as it is, should be served in larger portions or at least with something else to go with it. This restaurant, in terms of its food, for the most part, isn’t any more special than other non-Disney Italian restaurants, unfortunately.

9 Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Mama Melrose Entry Image

While Mama Melrose’s serves up great calamari and margarita flatbread and has a sweet, old-school Italian-style dining room, it’s not one of the top choices because of its location.

Sitting directly next to the other quick-service, tasty Italian restaurant, PizzeRizzo’s, Mama Melrose’s location is mostly the factor that doesn’t make it the greatest Italian eatery in the Orlando parks. Nestled in a corner all the way in the back of Hollywood Studios’ Muppets Area, Mama Melrose could use a change of scenery, perhaps. Most who want that upscale Italian dine-out vibe possibly won’t get it from here due to its location.

8 Vivoli Il Gelato

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Vivoli Il Gelato Entry

Disney Springs doesn’t disappoint anyone with its countless eateries, but Vivoli is the Italian-based dessert location that’s been the talk of the town for quite some time.

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Gelato is perhaps one of the most refreshing desserts to have after enjoying a hearty pasta meal. Vivoli Il Gelato’s flavors include cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, rum raisin, and cake batter, just to name a few. Their selection of affogatos and floats, though, is what brings in the guests, from the Cotton Candy Affogato to the Tropicale Float. It’s no wonder why this is the sweet location where guests take Instagram-worthy shots of their dessert.

7 PizzeRizzo

Disney World Italian Restaurants - PizzeRizzo Entry

This lively New York street-styled pizzeria is fun for everyone! With two floors for guests to find a table, this quick-service location includes a fun menu with detailed surroundings. Its exterior is an urban, brick apartment-like building in the colors of the Italian flag. PizzeRizzo’s even has a separate ballroom, which is open for all guests to have their own dance party under the disco ball and colorful lights (when not in use for something else)!

With its wonderful, entertaining cast members wearing denim shirts and red berets, they ensure their guests’ brief visit to the Muppets’ inspired ristorante is memorable. Whether it be a simple personal pie, a meatball sub, or an antipasto, PizzeRizzo doesn’t disappoint its guests.

6 Tutto Italia Ristorante

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Tutto Italia Entry

It’s no surprise why this Italian restaurant received a 4-star rating by Tripadvisor. With a menu made by the famous Chef Joachim Splichal, Tutto Italia is located in Disney World’s most well-known area for Italian food, which is the Italy Pavilion of Epcot.

With the filling lasagna and the award-worthy chocolate cake and cannolis, the authenticity of this restaurant is heightened along with the surrounding environment of the Italy Pavilion. Dining here may require reservations, but it’s worth the wait! Whether visiting for a family lunch or a special date perfect for a Disney proposal, Tutto Italia will ensure everyone’s dining experience feels like they’re in Italy.

5 Pizzafari

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Pizzafari Entry Image

Aside from the delectable thick-crust, personal pies, Pizzafari puts on a bright show for its visitors. This location is known for its beautiful, painted murals on its walls that are clearly based on its home park, Animal Kingdom. Its dining rooms are encompassed by endless paintings of various animals, for the most part, creating a more upbeat family-style meal.

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The menu includes “The Lion King Cupcake,” plant-based Sicilian pizza, cheesy garlic knots, and a mean chicken caesar salad. Its balanced menu provides Animal Kingdom visitors with more variety and even a strong alcoholic drink menu for older guests. A visit to Pizzafari truly can’t go wrong, with its overwhelmingly colorful inside dining rooms and relaxed outdoor seating area.

4 Il Mulino New York Trattoria

A fancy and tranquil dinner is best suited for this restaurant, which is within Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin Hotel. The menu is flavored with genuine Abruzzi regional cuisine from Italy and its architecture is praised for its rustic, old-style charm that twists with a contemporary taste.

Breaded chicken, mushroom or seafood risotto, and rib-eye steak, just to name a few of the many dishes, are enjoyed by guests for dinner only, but the location welcomes all ages for family-style meals or “piatti per il travolo,” as they say. The “New York” title of the restaurant is actually based on a bistro in the city that was voted the best Italian restaurant for two decades.

3 Via Napoli Ristorante E Pizzeria

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Via Napoli Entry Image

It might be impossible for anyone to be disappointed by Via Napoli’s incredible, truly Italian experience. It definitely helps the restaurant provide that Italian feel since it’s located in the Italy Pavilion of Epcot.

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When walking in, guests will see the large ovens detailed with various facial expressions and wood under each, creating that rustic and classic charm of Southern Italy. The real attraction here though is the Neopolitan pizza, and words cannot describe just how mouth-wateringly tasty it is.

2 The Pizza Window

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Pizza Window Entry

The Boardwalk Hotel comes with many sights for guests and widely-acclaimed eateries, but The Pizza Window is rarely discussed even though it’s one of Disney World’s most convenient, tasty, and overall awesome Italian restaurants.

While it’s definitely not a sit-down restaurant, The Pizza Window is a quick-service location for any guests to dine outside overlooking the surrounding water. This underrated pizza joint serves up pepperoni, sausage and mushroom pizzas, as well as white with bacon and mushroom personal pies! The best part of this simple Italian eatery is its prices. With decently-priced Italian food, park and resort-goers should take a quick trip to this sweet and simple location and have their very own pizza near the beach-getaway surroundings.

1 Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Disney World Italian Restaurants - Tony's Town Square Entry

A restaurant lit up through its French doors, big windows, and nostalgic front porch, this is where the characters Lady and the Tramp shared their first kiss! Tony’s Magic Kingdom location ensures the magical and heartfelt setting that Disney constantly aims for, as guests are invited to share a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs right off of Main Street, U.S.A.

Chicken parmigiana and fettuccini alfredo are on the menu as well, as the restauranteur, Tony, welcomes all to share a romantic dinner surrounded by the images and music from Lady and the Tramp. This Italian restaurant is one of the top choices because of its delicious plates and, above all, its adorable thematic dining.

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