Then Raven took over, with her former mentor and parent-figure Abby appearing as her judge. “Abby” took her to where Wonkru was about to face off against the Disciples in a war that was only supposed to serve as a distraction but was about to turn into a real battle, thanks to Sheidheda.

But then Octavia put herself in the middle of the two sides and made a rousing speech about how they didn’t need to fight, and that helped convince “Abby” that maybe humanity did deserve to transcend—just not all of humanity. 

Everyone else turned into a ball of light while Clarke was left alone with Picasso the dog, preparing to live out the rest of her life completely by herself. But then “Lexa” reappeared to explain that she wasn’t quite alone.

Apparently, transcension is a choice. Madi chose it because she knew that Clarke wouldn’t want her to live without anyone her own age, but all of Clarke’s other friends—Raven, Octavia, Murphy, Emori, Jackson, Miller, Jordan, Niylah, Levitt, Indra and Gaia—chose to stay behind with her. They wouldn’t be able to have kids, but they would get to live out the rest of their lives together as the last humans. 

We got the scoop from Jason Rothenberg about the finale’s biggest moments and what it all might mean. 

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