With fans of The Addams Family discussing who the perfect Gomez Addams would be in the next live-action adaptation, Oscar Isaac has emerged as another very popular choice. This month, it was revealed that Tim Burton is in the midst of developing a new take on pop culture’s ookiest family with a television series reboot. Given how frequently Burton has collaborated with Johnny Depp, many fans of Burton movies have naturally been campaigning for Depp to play the new Gomez in the TV series.

As the discussion over possible casting choices continues, other names have also consistently come up as options for Gomez. One of the most popular actors suggested for the role is Oscar Isaac, who certainly would have the look for the part. As it is now, Isaac is already playing an animated version of Gomez by voicing him in last year’s The Addams Family along with next year’s sequel. For some fans, this would make him even more qualified to be cast for the Tim Burton version of Gomez.

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“Look I’ve been thinking. If Oscar Isaac isn’t cast as Gomez Addams in a live-action of The Addams Family after doing a perfect Gomez in the animated film, I’m going to riot,” tweets one fan.

Another tweet shares a similar sentiment, reading: “If a new live-action Addams Family doesn’t have Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams in it I do not want it.”

Meanwhile, another fan feels that Isaac was essentially wasted by featuring in the animated movies when he should be the one playing the live-action Gomez.

“Will never be happy knowing that Oscar Isaac was perfect for the role of Gomez in a live-action Addams Family movie. Instead I got his voice and an ugly character design. Betrayal does not even begin to cover it,” the fan writes.

Joining both Isaac and Depp as another popular suggestion is Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek, who also looks a lot like Gomez when sporting a mustache. As for who might be playing his wife Morticia, Eva Green appears to be leading the pack as a top choice for fans on social media. Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday Addams in the original live-action movies, is also someone fans would love to see play Morticia. There’s no word yet on who Burton might be considering, but if he’s paying attention to the fan response, we might actually see one of these casting choices happen.

One possible roadblock preventing Isaac from doing The Addams Family could be his rumored involvement in Marvel’s Moon Knight series. This week, it was reported that the actor is in talks to star in the Disney+ series, which is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Leading a new TV series for Marvel and Disney could potentially take Isaac out of the running for The Addams Family if his schedule wouldn’t allow it.

With Burton’s Addams Family reboot still locking down a home, there’s no word yet on any casting information. Until official announcements begin to roll out, fans will likely continue to speculate online. One thing that’s definitely been made clear, however, is that there will be a lot of satisfied people if Isaac manages to get the role.

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