Ready to have fun? Use these Alexa games to keep any party going.

Alexa Dinner party

When it comes to hosting a party, food is only half the pressure. The other half is how well you can entertain your guests. Choosing a game that you know everyone will like can be tricky. And sometimes you just aren’t ready to clear all the dishes away to make room for board games.

Allow Amazon’s all-in-one party assistant, Alexa, to help you with these perfect party game skills. They’re great for finishing off an excellent evening spent with family or friends.

Bingo Skill

Say “Alexa, open Bingo.”

If you are hosting a party for multiple ages then Bingo is an all-time easy classic. The skill will ask you to write down a certain amount of numbers from a specific range and then will act as your host throughout.

Whether you are hoping for the call “legs eleven” or “number eight garden gate,” let Alexa do all the calling for you. If you have a number of Echo Buttons, you can also use them as buzzers for a number of games. That’s great if you want to announce “Bingo!”

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Escape Room Alexa

Say “Alexa, open Escape the Room.”

If you are looking for a quick-thinking, problem-solving, pressure-filled game then Escape the Room for you. Based on the real-life escape room experiences, Alexa takes you into different scenarios and you have to work your way out by finding clues and completing challenges.

With five different ability levels, this game can entertain all ages and abilities. Test your memory, your ability to think laterally, and how well you can work with others to escape the room and win the challenge.

Four escape rooms are free. You can unlock a premium room, a spaceship, with an in-skill purchase.

Alexa Song skill

Say “Alexa, start Guess the Song.”

Guess the Song is a skill that tests your knowledge of music across the generations. Testing that you know your Shakira from your Cher, and your ABBA from your AC/DC, this skill will keep you on your toes. You can even choose a playlist between the 1970s and 2010s.

Each game consists of five rounds. You can also ask for a hint if you get stuck.

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Guess Who Alexa Skill

Say “Alexa, open Guess Who.”

A classic game brought into the modern age, Guess Who will test everyone’s general knowledge of people.

You can choose specific categories or even keep it very general and try to remember previous presidents, film stars, or TV characters to name a few. Whether you want to put pressure on a single individual or play as a group, this game is a superb choice to bring everyone together.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Say “Alexa, open Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

Based on the famous quiz show, this skill tests all things general knowledge. Play in teams or individuals to see how much money you could have won if you featured on the TV show itself.

Don’t be afraid to take risks at the $1,000 or $64,000 level because remember, it’s not real. But it’s fun if you are wanting to see which one of your guests is most likely to buy you that sports car if they ever did go on the show.

You can make in-app purchases to unlock additional lifelines.

Use Alexa to Keep the Party Going

As Amazon’s Alexa becomes more and more useful when helping with food prep, don’t forget your device can offer plenty of fun opportunities for afterward as well.

No matter who you’re entertaining, these Alexa skills can help everyone have a fun and memorable time.

Alternatively, if you want a quiet coffee to finish off the night, let Alexa entertain the children alone with one of these games.

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