Do you smell snow? Gilmore Girls is a show that excels at Christmas episodes – from the charm of Stars Hollow in the snow to the glamor of the Gilmore’s annual Christmas parties, this is the perfect series for a little holiday rewatching. It helps that this a show that would never miss a winter episode, and that devotes a full quarter of the revival (Gilmore Girls: A Day In The Life) to winter  – and a decent chunk of that feels Christmassy!

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Of course, even for those who can’t throw a massive black tie bash like Emily and Richard, or who don’t have a charming gazebo to sit in and gaze out at the snow, there are other Gilmore holiday traditions that can be borrowed to make the season merry and bright (and heavily caffeinated).

10 Make A Santa Burger

close up of santa shaped burger

In the first-ever Christmas episode, Emily and Lorelai are fighting (no surprise there), and Lorelai is told not to come to the big annual Christmas party at the Gilmore house. So instead, she finds her way to Luke’s (no surprise there, either) and he makes her a special ‘festive’ meal in order to cheer her up. It’s a burger – but one decorated to look like Santa! Of course, it sounds absolutely disgusting, with piped-on cream cheese and too much ketchup, but it’s the thought that counts.

9 Stand In The First Snowfall

Lorelai makes no secret of the fact that she loves winter, and she believes that she can smell that first snowfall just before it happens. She also loves to go outside and stand in the first snow, drinking it in and just appreciating the season – which is a lovely tradition to borrow. Just bundle up warm, and don’t worry if you can’t smell it in the air first! Instead, just appreciate the beautiful snowfall.

8 Make A Mini Skating Rink

In one of Luke Dane’s many impressive and romantic gestures, he builds Lorelai her own tiny ice skating rink outside her home – and for those who have enough outdoor space (and handyman skills) this is an amazing idea.

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It may not be quite as cost-effective as just going to a public rink (or frozen pond, for those who live in very cold climates), but there is something magical about a private rink, no matter how small.

7 Build A Snowoman

Another one for snowy places – take a page from Lorelai and Rory’s book when they got involved in a snowman/snow sculpture, and make a snow-woman instead. Of course, it’s always possible to really go for it, and make the kind of impressive snow sculptures that left Rory and Lorelai so disgruntled at the unfairness of the contest, but where’s the fun in that? Stick with a simple snow-person, and dress up with whatever is lying around.

6 Go For A Sleigh Ride

Lorelai Rory on sleigh ride

In the second season, Lorelai hosts a dinner at the Inn, that was originally intended for a large group coming in from out of town – but when a storm hits, they can’t get there, and Lorelai’s friends and family get to enjoy it instead. Part of this gorgeous feast, of course, was the sleigh rides through the town in the snow – and there’s little more magical than bundling up and enjoying a sleigh ride! (Making sure, of course, that the horses are well-loved and treated appropriately.)

5 Decorate Cookies & String Popcorn

Lorelai, Rory, Chris, and christmas trees

In later seasons, Rory is no longer the kid of the family, as Gigi has taken her place – and loves her Christmas time with Lorelai. The two are seen decorating cookies together and stringing popcorn as a decoration, and these are both wonderful treats to create together for the holidays.

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Being Lorelai, of course, those cookies are sure to be full-fat and made (and eaten) by the dozen, but for fans without the Gilmore metabolism, cookies also make a great holiday gift.

4 Watch A Christmas Pageant

gilmore girls miss patty

Star’s Hollow loves to put on a show – and throughout the series, fans are treated to parades, pageants, plays, and more. It’s impressive, given the size of the town, and it wouldn’t be the same without it. It may not be possible, of course, to get a Miss Patty to train up some small snowflakes to dance around, but there are plenty of online or local performances to check out instead.

3 Make A Period Feast

If The Bracebridge Dinner inspires more than just a sleigh ride, go the whole hog – and put on a period feast! Gilmore Girls does all kinds of Christmas parties, from catered cocktails to local get togethers, but the Bracebridge Dinner is probably the most special. It may not be easy to pull together the kind of food that Sookie would, but making the effort would certainly be a unique Christmas tradition!

2 Enjoy The Holiday Sounds

One of the best holiday episodes of Gilmore Girls is ‘In The Clamor And The Clangor’, where Star’s Hollow repairs its bells… which is beautiful, for a while. Then, after a while, the sounds of the chiming bells start to drive the townspeople to distraction, until Luke and Lorelai sneak into the tower to break them again. It’s a cute episode for Luke and Lorelai, but it’s also a nice reminder to enjoy the sounds of the holiday season, and maybe take a walk to listen to some local bells a’ringing.

1 Take A Walk Around Town (Don’t Forget The Coffee)

Gilmore Girls Year in the Life Lauren Graham Alexis Bledel Winter

Probably the biggest winter activity around Stars Hollow is simply taking a stroll around the beautiful snowy town, coffee in hand. The Winter Festival, the snow sculptures, the reenactors, the gazebo – it’s all just a beautiful backdrop for snowy walks together and a good chat, and that’s a holiday tradition for anyone to enjoy. And even in places that aren’t quite as stunning as Stars Hollow, there are bound to be cute spots, good views… or a great excuse for a winter trip to somewhere a little prettier!

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