It doesn’t matter if you’re on a tight budget or have plenty of room to splurge, if you’re searching for a new couch, you’re going to want the best couch for your buck. After all, of all the furniture in your living areas, it’s the sofa that truly gets the most attention. You flop on it regularly, work from its cozy cushions and place precariously balanced glasses of red wine on its arm rests more often than is wise. (But this is why reversible cushions were made, is it not?) If you’re going to invest in a new living room superstar, we think it wise that you do a little research.

Lucky for you, we’ve done much of the work for you, picking out 10 of the absolute best couches under $2,000 and all available online to be delivered right to your door. What made these 10 stand out from the pack? Here were our criteria:

A Combination of Support and Comfort

Whether they’re made from down fill, foam, springs or some combination of these materials, it’s imperative that a couch cushion be both comfy enough to nap on and provide adequate support for your back and hips. Each of these pass the test, landing in that Goldilocks territory between firm and plush.

Durability Is Key

A couch is an investment whether you’re spending $400 or $4,000. You’re not going to want to replace that investment two years in because it couldn’t stand up to your Pomeranian Ellie’s late-night zoomies or your semi-frequent snack spills during movie night. Your couch should be sturdy without feeling heavy (literally or aesthetically) and should be made from durable materials that also aren’t a pain to clean or care for.

A Timeless Appeal

Some folks love vintage-esque or highly stylized pieces (looking at you pink velvet chaise), but if you’re in the market for something that will more easily blend in with changing styles, it’s likely a better idea to choose something in a neutral hue or a sleeker silhouette. And while, yes, some of the couches on this list are also available in bolder colors or fabrics, in terms of shape, they’re bound to fit in with the rest of your living room decor no matter how many times you redecorate.

With those things in mind, here are the 10 best couches that made the cut.

  1. Best Leather: Article Sven Charme Sofa

  2. Best Sectional: West Elm Harmony Couch

  3. Best Tufted: Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Sofa Couch

  4. Best Mid-Century: West Elm Andes Sofa

  5. Best for Kids and Pets: Burrow Block Nomad Sofa Sectional

  6. Best For Small Spaces: Zinus Ricardo Contemporary Upholstered 62.2 Inch Loveseat

  7. Best Sleeper: Article Oneira Couch

  8. Best Affordable Velvet: Modway Valour Performance Velvet Tufted Sofa

  9. Most Customizable: Interior Define Maxwell Sofa

  10. Best For Frequent Movers: Floyd Home The Sofa

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Best Leather Couch

This is one of the highest rated couches on this entire list. The feature that stood out most is the single seat cushion, which makes lying down or stretching out all the more comfortable. Buyers also loved the squared-off arm rests which made it easier to prop up a laptop or rest a cup of coffee (if you spill, don’t fret, simply wipe with a damp cloth ASAP). It also comes pre-assembled, so all you need to do is screw on the legs before you can hop to decorating with throw pillows and a draped blanket. The Sven Charme sofa comes in four colors and two lengths (72 inches and 88 inches), and is also available in a cotton-blend fabric or velvet. Some reviwers found the couch fabric to be a bit stiff at the beginning, but as with most genuine leather sofas, if only got softer and cushier with time.

Buy it ($1,899)

Best Sectional Couch

We’re of the opinion that the best sectional couches are ones that don’t just fit any and everyone, but are also cozy enough to make everyone want to pile on and stay for a while (at least through episode five of The Babysitter’s Club). This is why we went for West Elm’s deep-seated Harmony Sofa with down filling. Its modular build (each piece is sold separately) means you can customize this couch to look exactly the way you want—as a chaise, an even-sided sectional or even as one super-long sofa. The down filling is aided by a spring-and-foam core to give a bit more structure and sturdiness to the cushions, a must if you plan to do anything other than nap on this beauty. Plus, with the option to spring for extra deep 32-inch cushions, you have the potential to build yourself a sectional so sumptuous you’ll have a hard time justifying sitting anywhere else in your home. Buyers were also fans of the sturdy but sleek wooden legs that run the length of each side for a modern touch.

Buy it (from $499)

Best Tufted Couch

If you like a little pomp and circumstance with your furniture, look no further than this playful tufted sofa from Stone & Beam, an Amazon-only furniture brand. It comes in eight colors (four bonded leather shades and four fabric options) and two lengths (78 inches and 93 inches). There’s also a matching chair and ottoman if you’re hoping to revamp your entire living room set. Reviewers love the slightly firmer cushions, which are great for sitting up and reading or working on your laptop in addition to lounging for a lengthy Netflix binge session. One thing to note: Some buyers didn’t love the bonded leather (aka faux-leather) styles which tend not to age as well as genuine leather, but others said they felt it looked no different from the real deal upon arrival. Plus, if you aren’t over the moon with your new couch, Stone & Beam offers free returns for 30 days after you receive your furniture, so you can test it out before committing for the long haul.

$1,088 at Amazon

Best Mid-Century Couch

This sleekly designed couch has a timeless appeal we can’t get enough of. Firm foam cushions offer ample back support, but aren’t so rigid that you can’t lie back for an extended cozy weekend read. The Andes is both supremely stylish and wonderfully practical, with reversable zip-off cushion covers (although this isn’t true of the velvet fabric options) and multiple lengths and depths to choose from. Yes, you can opt for an extra deep 32-inch seat or, if you’re short on room you can choose a 35-inch petite depth instead (the standard is 40 inches). This is one of West Elm’s most popular couch designs

Buy it ($from 1,299)

Best Couch for Kids and Pets

Children, dogs and cats all have a particular knack for destroying furniture and other expensive home decor. But they’ll really have their work cut out for them with this highly durable sectional. The fabric was specifically designed to be both scratch and stain resistant, whether that stain be apple juice, hairballs or an extra-large glass of red wine. And although the cushions aren’t machine washable, they are super easy to spot clean and are also reversible to combat excessive wear-and-tear on any one side. As for the sturdy Baltic Birch frame, it’s supported with the addition of galvanized steel latches that keep each piece of the sectional firmly in place. Yes, even if your kids decide to flip, run and jump over the couch like it’s a jungle gym. Speaking of those latches, they make it incredibly easy to switch the chaise attachment from side to side as well as add in more seating or even an additional chaise on the opposite end, so the couch can grow and evolve with your family. Oh, and did we mention it comes with a built-in USB charger and a 72-inch power cord?

Buy it ($1,695)

Best Couch for Small Spaces

The petite size (62.2-inches in length) of this Amazon-made loveseat makes it ideal for tiny living rooms and small apartment spaces, but it can still comfortably fit two lounging adults (or three seated, if they’re willing to get a little cozy). Multiple reviewers mentioned the fact that this sofa is “sturdy yet lightweight” making it all the easier to move to a new room or a new home, if/when the need arises. It’s also incredibly easy to assemble (seriously, you won’t need any tools). The foam seat cushion is attached to the frame, but the back cushions are removable and reversible to give them some extra longevity. Some buyers mentioned wanting additional pillows in order for there to be adequate back support, but not everyone thought they were necessary.

$467 at Amazon

Best Sleeper Couch

Once you’ve left your 20s behind, we say it’s time to leave the air mattress behind as well. If you frequently have guests staying over but don’t actually have a guest room to spare, a sleeper sofa is the next best option. Especially if that sleeper comes complete with a luxurious four-inch thick memory foam mattress. Even when it’s not in pull-out mode, this comfy 76-inch long couch looks supremely stylish and the firm cushions provide more than enough support for a comfortable afternoon of reading that won’t inevitably turn into an afternoon of napping. One downside: The Oneira comes in only two colors, blue-gray or navy velvet. That said, Article has six more sleeper sofa options that are all highly rated.

Buy it ($1,499)

Best Affordable Velvet Couch

This slightly impractical fabric has been making a major comeback over the past few years as a luxe and elegant upholstery option. And while traditional velvet is often very expensive and shows wear and tear fairly easily, new tech-savvy fabrications like “performance velvet” are better equipped to handle high traffic areas, like your sofa, for half the cost. This is one major reason we love the Modway Tufted Sofa. This innovative fabrication looks exactly like the real deal but is much less fussy, which means the idea of placing a velvet couch in a home that also contains children or pets isn’t a such pipe dream after all. The Modawy design is a bit shorter than some of the other on this list, coming at 73-inches long, and the spring-and-foam fill lands more on the firmer side of the spectrum. But, really, for under $600 this long-lasting, comfortable three-seater is a true steal and looks significantly more expensive than it truly is.

$541 at Amazon

Most Customizable Couch

It’s not just the fact that the Maxwell is customizable across five different categories, but that at least two of those categories offer more options than anyone one shopper could ever dream of. There are more than 70 colors in a variety of fabrics (including velvet, performance basket weave, herringbone and bouclé, just to name a few) and more than 15 different leg styles to choose from. Once you manage to narrow those two down to a combination you love, the remaining three steps will feel significantly less involved—pick from three lengths (82 inches, 86 inches and 90 inches), opt for either two seat cushions or one long bench cushion and, finally, choose which of three types of fill you’d like those cushions to contain. The 27-inch deep cushions do require the addition of a throw pillow for proper back support while reading or working, but are incredibly cushy and mighty inviting for a long Saturday spent binging Lovecraft Country on HBO.

Buy it ($1,785)

Best Couch for Frequent Movers

Anyone who’s moved from one apartment to another will tell you the most frustrating piece of furniture to move is their sofa. (Remember Ross and the “PIVOT!” incident? Well he’s not the only one.) Floyd Home’s minimalist design was made specifically to be both easy to put together and easy to take apart for those who find themselves packing up the moving truck on the regular. It’s also incredibly sturdy, making it an excellent option for anyone with rowdy kids or rambunctious pets (the foam cushions are made with stain-resistant fabrics that should be able to survive even the most accident prone among us). It also comes with a 10-year warranty in the off chance your family proves Floyd Home’s promise of stylish stability wrong.

Buy it ($1,395)

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