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A good rolling pin is a must-have kitchen tool. A sturdy, well-designed rolling pin can last for decades and could even be passed down for generations. And a great one will also be of tremendous help to you right now. A quality rolling pin makes baking easier because it allows you to produce evenly and properly measured dough for pies and cookies. (There’s really nothing worse than taking what was intended to be a delicious, golden-brown baked good out of the oven and seeing it burned in parts and undercooked in others.) But because there are so many different options available to home bakers, it’s hard to know which rolling pin will best suit your needs. To help, we scoured the internet for all the best rolling pins, and we rounded up a list of the most highly-rated options according to hundreds and thousands of shopper reviews.

There are so many types of rolling pins out there, which may be news to those of us who grew up with the classic two-handled wooden version. That style is iconic for a reason, but there are also some more modern twists that can improve your pizza and pie crusts, cookies, and other pastry dough. Some rolling pins can even decorate your dough as you roll or be used to create three-dimensional desserts. Plus, many of the pins are crafted in such beautiful ways that they can be centerpieces of your kitchen decor.

From durable and classic to sleek and modern, here are 10 rolling pins that will drastically improve your kitchenware collection in more ways than one.

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Best Adjustable: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

There’s a reason that over 6,000 people have given this rolling pin an average of 4.7 stars on Amazon—it’s one of the very best. Designed by the popular houseware brand Joseph Joseph, this rolling pin includes removable discs that ensure your dough is rolled evenly. The discs come in different measurements, so if your recipe calls for cookies that are ¼-inch thick, you can just slip the ¼-inch disc onto the pin and roll it perfectly. There are also measurements on the pin itself so you can make the dough as wide as needed.

Reviewers love those features, with one raving, “I bought this rolling pin to be able to roll out my dough to the perfect, uniform thickness. Before my cookies would come out with different thicknesses between each cookie, but I don’t have that problem anymore!”

Shop Now: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings, $20,

Best Classic Handled: J.K. Adams Maple Wood Medium Gourmet Rolling Pin

J.K. Adams is one of the foremost brands for handcrafted wooden kitchen products, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s classic handled rolling pin is a favorite amongst cooks and bakers. It’s made from maple wood and has self-lubricating bearings to keep the pin rolling smooth. “If you want a real wood rolling pin, this is the one,” a reviewer wrote. “Can last you a lifetime with proper care and be handed down for generations to come.”

Another agreed that it would be a long-lasting product. “It is so beautifully handcrafted and easy to use. Rolls very smoothly and is not heavy,” the user wrote. “It is crafted so well, it can be handed down, in my opinion, for generations.”

Shop Now: J.K. Adams Maple Wood Medium Gourmet Rolling Pin, $26,

Best Dowel: Bamber Wood Rolling Pin

A handleless rolling pin like this one allows a baker to have a little more control over the rolling process. You simply use the pressure of your hands against the pin to flatten dough. It also doubles as a sturdy tool to finely crush things like ice, graham crackers, or candy canes (for peppermint bark, of course). Without clunky handles, it stores easily in a kitchen drawer without taking up much space.

This particular rolling pin comes in several sizes and wood colors to match your cooking needs and kitchen décor, and its solid beech wood construction stands the test of time. “I’ve had it for three years and love it more every day,” one customer wrote. “I like that this one does not have handles to get in the way when I’m rolling out a piece of dough. When my hands are on the rolling pin, I can do a better job of feeling when the dough is flat enough.”

Shop Now: Bamber Wood Rolling Pin, $13,

Best French: Karryoung Wooden French Rolling Pin

Many professional chefs and bakers prefer the French rolling pin, including famed pastry chef Dominique Ansel. The tapered design makes the pin lighter and easier to control. But it’s not just a favorite for the pros: Over a thousand customers gave this rolling pin 4.8 stars on Amazon. “This rolling pin makes rolling dough so easy,” wrote one user. “It’s so lightweight. I’ll never go back to the ones with handles.”

Another raved, “I wasn’t sure how I would like the roller without the side handles, surprising I really like it. It’s easy to maneuver and clean.”

Shop Now: Karryoung Wooden French Rolling Pin, $9,

Best Bamboo: Totally Bamboo Rolling Pin

This utensil has the benefit of being both tapered in design and also made from a really useful wood for kitchenware. Bamboo is an eco-friendly material with natural antibacterial properties that’s also resistant to everything from stains to heat and water. You can’t ask for much more from a kitchen utensil.

But if that’s not enough to convince you to order one now, the hundreds of reviews that landed this rolling pin 4.7 stars on Amazon should be. “This rolling pin is both pretty and functional. The pie crust I rolled out with this rolling pin was by far the easiest, and quickest I’ve ever made,” wrote one shopper.

Shop Now: Totally Bamboo Rolling Pin, $31,

Best Marble: Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin

Not only are marble rolling pins extremely pretty to look at, they’re also super functional. Their hefty weight makes rolling dough even easier—the pin does most of the work for you. Plus, you can throw the whole rolling pin in the freezer, and it will help keep the dough cold as you roll. This particular one from Fox Run also comes with a resting base so you can display it as part of your kitchen decor.

Several customers who were previously wood rolling pin users became marble converts after trying this style out. One reviewer wrote, “I didn’t know a rolling pin could be so awesome. I love the weight of it, and love putting it in my freezer before rolling out cookies or pie crust. It gets, and stays, very cold, which makes for flakey pie crusts and great cut-out cookies that don’t spread.”

Another added, “It is a complete game changer. I can roll out pizza dough in under a minute and it gets very thin. It’s so heavy, you have to put very little effort into rolling.”

Shop Now: Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Cradle, $20.62,

Best Olive Wood: Olivewoodkitchenware Olive Wood Rolling Pin

Olive wood is a very durable and heavy material for kitchen utensils, which makes it perfect for a long-lasting product like a rolling pin. It also doesn’t absorb bacteria or odors, and it’s gorgeous to look at. This particular rolling pin is sold by OliveWoodKitchenware on Etsy, which has 657 five-star reviews. Many buyers were thrilled with how the handcrafted product looked, and one called it “perhaps even more beautiful in real life.”

Another praised its construction. “This rolling pin is beautiful and practical. I like that it’s all one piece, including the handles, because the handles will not come loose. It seems sturdy and the wood itself is beautiful.”

Shop Now: Olive Wood Rolling Pin, $30,

Best Stainless Steel: Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin

Sometimes wooden rolling pins can be tough to clean because they can’t be soaked or put in the dishwasher. This stainless steel French-style rolling pin is dishwasher safe and non-porous, so it’s super easy to clean. Like the marble rolling pin, it can be put in the freezer and used cold to roll dough without overworking it. It also has measurements right on the rolling pin to help determine dough size.

Over 1,700 people have reviewed this tool on Amazon, giving it a 4.8-star rating. One customer wrote, “Why did I wait so long to switch to a stainless rolling pin? I just love this pin. The selling point for me was the ability to put it in the refrigerator to make it nice and cold for pastry. It makes a huge difference—the pastry stays ice cold. I know it’s clean, too—so nice to not have to scrub it and place it someplace warm to dry out!”

Shop Now: Ultra Cuisine Professional French Rolling Pin with Measurements, $16.13,

Best Engraved: MoodForWood Mini Rolling Pins

An engraved rolling pin can help you make decorative cookies or pie crusts in a snap. Simply roll the designed pin over the dough and voila! Your pastries will look like you spent hours on them instead of seconds. This set of pins comes with three different designs, and buyers have raved about how well they work. The shop has over 3,000 five star-reviews, with customers saying things like: “Love, love these beautiful rolling pins! They make a lovely home decor too besides its use in baking.”

Shop Now: MoodForWood Mini Rolling Pins with Geometric Patterns, $35,

Best Silicone: Nasnaioll Silicone Rolling Pin

When baking, there are few things more frustrating than dough that sticks to your rolling pin, and this utensil can help solve that problem. The rolling pin is made from lightweight, non-stick, dishwasher-safe silicone, so it’s easy to use and easy to clean. Over 1,200 people have reviewed this product on Amazon, and it has some very happy shoppers. “I’ve always had a wooden pin but decided to try the silicone one and am very happy with it and the price,” wrote one reviewer. “[It] easily rolls out the dough and has not stuck to anything so far.”

Another buyer added, “I really like this rolling pin. I use[d] to have a heavy wooden one [but this one] is light and rolls perfectly.”

Shop Now: Nasnaioll Silicone Rolling Pin with Non-Stick Surface, $8.99,

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