I’ve long been a fan of DaVinci’s marijuana vapes: they’re lovingly crafted, constructed with premium materials, and deliver a fantastic smoking experience. This trend hasn’t changed with the just-launched DaVinci IQC.

Over the past two weeks or so of testing, it has become my portable weed vape of choice. And, in this DaVinci IQC review, we’re going to find out exactly why that is.

First though, let’s talk about DaVinci.

Who is DaVinci?

Nope, nothing to do with Leonardo — DaVinci is a company that makes some of the most popular marijuana vaporizers on the market.

Are DaVinci’s weed vapes good?

Yep. The company’s flagship device was the IQ, a product I was a big fan of. Since then, it’s released the IQ2, its successor, and the MIQRO, a smaller version of the weed vape.

So what is the Davinci IQC?

Shockingly, it’s the latest weed vape from DaVinci.

The IQC has an interesting place in the company’s product line though. Rather than being a sequel to the IQ2, a DaVinci spokesperson told me that it’s “a new and improved version of the IQ.”

In other words, its aim is to be a high quality entry-level vape, rather than an experimental or flagship device with crazy new features. This is also why it’s retailing for $230, rather than the $295 of the IQ2.

Davinci ICQ weed vape press shot