One of the joys of being a homeowner is being able to make your unique idea of a perfect backyard a reality. There are many backyard features available to complement every homeowner’s individual lifestyle. One popular backyard feature is an outdoor bar. Whether it’s poolside, on the deck or patio, just outside the kitchen window or in a dedicated outbuilding, a backyard bar can be a fun spot for entertaining friends and family or simply unwinding and relaxing alone on a quiet weekend.

The least expensive type of bar is a pallet bar. From simple to elaborate, there are many options for making a bar from repurposed wooden pallets. Pallets can be taken apart and the wood used as lumber or simply stacked intact vertically and/or horizontally and painted to complement the surrounding space.

In addition to pallets, other materials such as cinder blocks can be used to build an inexpensive bar or mix materials to create an attractive and useful outdoor bar. Jill Gleeson from advises, “Secure the pallets to the cinder block legs with clamps to keep things extra sturdy.”There are many ideas, plans and instructions for DIY outdoor bars online.

Another DIY opportunity is to repurpose vintage or unused furniture into unique outdoor bars. An old hutch, dresser or desk can be revitalized and reused as a bar. suggests, “A vintage bookshelf can easily double as a bar with some styling tricks.”

If the deck or patio is conveniently located outside a kitchen window, simply adding a shelf below the window can serve as a pass-through kitchen window bar. Nancy Fann-Im writing for says, “Your kitchen sink doubles as the bar sink, and both prep and cleanup are as easy as reaching out the window.” This also allows the host to remain part of the fun and conversation as he or she passes food and drinks from inside the kitchen while guests relax outside.

Another option is to extend an outdoor kitchen by adding a bar. A bar with chairs facing the grilling area provides permanent bar space to an existing outdoor kitchen. It also provides extra space for fun, drinks and conversation while the cook works the grill. T. Lacoma writing for says, “By combining a bar counter and chairs with the grilling station, everyone can visit while the food is sizzling.” It also provides extra seating for parties and special family gatherings.

On the other hand, if backyard bar mobility is a priority a portable pop-up bar cart can be set up on the patio or moved to poolside. It can also be used indoors during the winter. Purchase a bar cart with wheels to make it easy to move from indoors to outdoors, poolside or fireside. A less expensive option is to repurpose an old planting table as a bar cart with a bit of cleaning up, paint and casters.

When a swimming pool is the main feature of the backyard design, other features can accessorize and add to the luxury of the pool. While choosing an in-ground pool design is exciting by itself, consider combining two features by adding a swim-up bar. While a pool-side bar is luxurious as well as convenient a swim-up bar is even more so.  The pool party never has to leave the pool when the bar is built into the edge of the swimming pool. says, “Since you don’t need to get out of the pool, there’s no break in the party action.”

Another type of backyard bar is a pub shed. Whether adding a bar to the exterior wall of an existing she shed, garden shed or meditation shed or putting up a new shed to use exclusively as a backyard pub; a pub shed can become a popular backyard entertainment spot. It’s a unique space to design and personalize while prioritizing comfort and relaxation. Pub sheds can be built from kits or from your own design or purchased ready-made.

Although there are many features to consider when planning the perfect backyard, an outdoor bar can be a fun and useful feature for all types of gatherings.

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