Thanks to one simple shirt, Lovecraft Country‘s dreamy wardrobe was born. 

If you have been tuning in to Misha Green‘s supernatural horror series on HBO, you know the show is no casual watch. The anthology series, which hones in on the supernatural experiences of a Black family in 1950s Jim Crow America, can be exciting, moving, puzzling and downright horrifying with each passing twist and turn. But, there is something about the show that won’t make you want to cover your eyes—and that’s the clothes.  

With Dayna Pink at the helm of the costume design, the show visually transports us back to the colorful, glamorous dress of the 1950s in fresh ways, all while against the nightmarish backdrop of the period. 

“[I was] lucky enough that I didn’t have to keep to the letter of exactly what that period was we had—because this is a fantasy in a way,” Pink told E! News exclusively. “There’s [a] fantastical element to it, so I got to add that with what I was doing.”

Given the otherworldly plot, Pink could break the fashion rules of history. “I got to take the real silhouettes and the real pieces and then add fashion to that, so sometimes I would take a shape of something from that time and then build it out of a modern fabric,” she explained. “The colors and the fabrics and the prints of that time maybe were a little different, so I got to mix it up, which was what was so creative and fun about doing the show.” As Pink put it, she and her team got to “take this period and sort of stand it on its head.”

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