During Pete and Ariana’s whirlwind romance, it was hard for anyone to not to stumble upon them on any social media app, let alone his devastated ex-girlfriend. 

“Even though it wasn’t a regular relationship or even a regular celebrity relationship. It was abnormally unavoidable; everywhere and obsessed over by everyone,” Cazzie reflected. “Even people’s out-of-touch parents knew about it. The two of them offered their relationship to the media eagerly and with pleasure, like a suicidal brunette walking into Ted Bundy’s apartment. Okay, like me walking into Ted Bundy’s apartment.”

While she tried her best to avoid any coverage of their romance by not looking at her phone, “the few times I did, I’d come across their new photos or tattoos or statements and the relentless articles,” Cazzie wrote. “I avoided the Explore page at all costs. It was a legitimate war zone; any scrolling would have killed off the few living cells I had remaining.”

She went on to admit she kept track of her friends who “‘liked’ something that implied support for either of them,” explaining she felt “betrayed” by that double-tap. “I couldn’t see past my own experience, and so it was as if the entire internet was pouring alcohol all over my open wound.”

Finally, she wrote, “You’d have no choice but to quit, right? Like, quit your phone and quit life.”

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