The seafood at Oishi Sushi in Stuttgart will melt in your mouth

Sushi in Stuttgart is something I’ve shunned.

So far from the sea, dining on the Japanese culinary mainstay in southern Germany always felt like an unnecessary roll of the dice.

But I recently put my trepidation aside upon the advice of a friend, a retired Marine who spent much of his career in Japan and knows a few things about how fish and vinegared rice prepared just right can make all the difference. He insisted that Oishi Sushi in the Feuerbach section of Stuttgart was up to his high standards and a safe place for sampling.

I was somewhat surprised by the recommendation, having walked past the eatery many times and thought to myself: “I would definitely not eat there.”

But I realized the rather rundown-looking exterior belied a pleasant atmosphere inside as I took a seat.

Hardly an expert in sushi, I scanned the menu’s many offerings and went with one of the lunch specials. I chose the eight-piece nigiri mix with two California rolls.

I’ve always regarded sushi as more of a texture than flavor food. And in this case, I wasn’t disappointed. There were no chewy or stringy bits, a horror that can ruin any sushi outing.

Instead, I could feel each piece of fish almost melt away in my mouth, which is really all I was looking for. The price, $12, seemed reasonable, especially since it came with a side dish of tasty spring rolls.

For sushi enthusiasts, there’s a lot more to choose from beyond the specials. The nigiri and sashimi offerings feature standards like salmon, tuna, octopus, scallop and eel, but also butterfish and sea bass. There are countless varieties of rolls, ranging from the more traditional and simple Japanese rolls and vegetarian options to the more Westernized creations like Dragon rolls.

Guests along for the ride who just won’t go for sushi can opt for meals from the rest of Asia, including Thai curry, Korean bulgogi and plenty of Chinese-inspired chicken dishes.

For diners still anxious about eating indoors at restaurants given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is outdoor seating available. Inside, the servers all wear masks when taking orders. The sushi chef also donned a face covering, which was reassuring.

Oishi, which means “tasty” in Japanese, is an overall nice change of pace from Stuttgart’s beer and brats, especially if you have a sushi craving.

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Twitter: @john_vandiver

Address: 28 Leobener Strasse, Stuttgart

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m., 5 p.m.- 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, 1 p.m.- 11 p.m.

Prices: Dishes range between $12 and $25

Information: Phone: 0711-469-12932; online:

Oishi Sushi in Stuttgart offers a wide range of tasty seafood offerings and some options for the seafood-challenged.

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