Jewellery has always been an intrinsic part of Indian women’s attire. It was once an important part of their heirloom and consisted largely of chunky gold ornaments. Now, dainty and minimalistic pieces that can be paired with various kinds of outfits are in vogue. Such pieces have a timeless quality and suit different personalities.

Here’s a feature on some Indian brands that are taking the lead with their range of contemporary jewellery crafted by women themselves.

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This Mumbai-based independent jewellery brand began as an art project in the summer of 2012 and went on to become the preferred choice of Bollywood style icons including Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. Founded by Sreesha Shetty, the brand offers everyday pieces that exude luxury with a touch of whimsical charm. Named after the French word for moon, there’s a little bit of the heavenly body in each of the designs.

The brand’s philosophy reflects Sreesha’s background in philosophy, journalism and design.

Bhavya Ramesh

Bengaluru-based Bhavya Ramesh is particular about not being called a jewellery designer. Instead, she describes herself as a naturalist and bohemian, whose creations are an extension of her personality. She has no formal training in designing jewellery.

Silver jewellery by Bhavya Ramesh
Silver jewellery by Bhavya Ramesh

Her designs are greatly influenced by the Banjara culture and stand out because of their free-spirited appeal. The brand offers a stunning collection of earrings, rings, nose rings and other accessories.


True to its name, NakhreWaali founded by Gursakhi Lugani encourages the woman of today to own her whims and fancies. Each of the creations—earrings, bangles, neckpieces et al–stands out for its bold and unconventional appeal.

Chashni and Khata Meetha earrings of NakhreWaali
Chashni and Khata Meetha earrings of NakhreWaali

As a child, Gursakhi was creative and interested in everything from classical singing to painting. Although she took up an an HR job, her heart lay in pursuing creative interests. That’s how NakhreWaali was born in 2015—out of her love for accessories. Armed with social media marketing skills, she began to post her designs online and received an overwhelming response. She has no formal training in design, except for a summer course she took up at the London College of Fashion.


Kolkata-based Ashna Singh and Sneha Saksena joined hands to start a jewellery brand that gives the family heirloom a modern twist. Olio’s striking, versatile and interchangeable pieces work well on their own and when paired with other types of ornaments.

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The creations are all about blending nostalgia with a touch of whimsical charm—a great combination for the contemporary woman. Graphical elements, geometric patterns and quirky details are the hallmarks of its range.

One Nought One One

Founded by design graduates from Gujarat Zinal Vora and Ayushi Thakkar, One Nought One One blends creativity with simplicity. Each of their creations finds the perfect balance between minimalism and luxury. Their signature oversized earrings are crafted in various shapes and sizes and are bound to draw attention to the wearer.

ME by Megha

Megha Agarwal’s jewellery brand, ME by Megha, reflects her passion for travelling. The stories, learnings and experiences from her travels find expression in her designs. A love for statement pieces was what pushed her to take up jewellery design. Every piece is striking yet minimalistic, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Megha’s first collection is inspired by Miami’s art deco architecture. Whether it’s the chunky earrings, dainty neckpieces or charming bracelets, all of them capture her artistic language with simplicity. The linear designs also make for trendy accessories.

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