After the third time proved not to be the charm for the Bachelor in Paradise success story, the store owner more or less gave up on trying to find a new slot for their Dallas vows, pushed back several times from the original May date. “I have postponed my wedding not once, not twice but three times and you know what? We even had to change a fourth date, but we didn’t even send invitations out for that,” she revealed on her What a Girl Wants podcast this August. 

But it’s not the wasted stamps or the delayed dress dreams that have her feeling weepy. “It’s just been really crazy because we had this master grand plan that we were going to get married in May, that we were going to travel the world this summer and when fall hits, we were going to start a family,” she explained. “Now that it’s about to be fall, I’m just kind of like sad because I had this master plan that I was going to get pregnant right away and in 2021 we were going to have a baby but that’s not the case.”

Their year hasn’t been without milestones though, the two moving into their new Texas pad, and they’re excited to celebrate with all of Bachelor Nation come 2021. “We don’t want to get married without every single person we want there,” she told Brides. “And for now, it’s not possible, so we are willing to wait!

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