You know how you like to have your mug at work? Or, how you have your seat in the living room. Well, the same applies to Christmas ornaments these days, and as much you want yours, everyone else wants theirs, too. To make this happen and achieve total tree customization, you need the best personalized Christmas ornaments.

When it comes down to how to personalize your ornament, there are lots of different pieces of personal information you can choose from. But, sharing someone’s shoe size or height probably doesn’t make the best Christmas tree decoration. Here’s a selection of the best personalization points we’d suggest adding to your Christmas ornaments:

  • Name – Everyone loves to see their name in the limelight. That’s what really makes something theirs. Lots of retailers boast a range of ornaments pre-made and personalized with the most popular names in America, and others offer the opportunity to have an ornament custom made to suit any name. Having something personalized with someone’s name always creates a winning Christmas gift.  
  • Year 2020 might not be a year you want to hang on the Christmas tree, but perhaps it is. No doubt there is a year that means a lot to you, whether that’s your birth year, anniversary year, child’s birth year or just your favorite year of life so far. Similar to names, you’ll often find pre-made or customizable options for year-focused ornaments. Those available in the shops will most often be the current year, so there are a lot of 2020-specific ornaments out there right now.
  • Photo – Nothing says personal better than a photo. Photos capture the moment perfectly and having one printed onto an ornament to personalize your tree display is one of the best ways to create a holiday unique to you.
  • Baby – Few holidays are more magical for new parents than their baby’s first Christmas. This is the Christmas when children look the cutest and ask for the least number of presents. Because of this, baby’s first Christmas is one of the most popular ways to personalize a Christmas ornament, and a lot of different designs and decorations exist for the event.
  • Family – You can pick your ornaments, but you can’t pick your family. Christmas is a time for putting troubles behind you and celebrating with your relatives. To get these celebrations off to the best start, put a personalized Christmas ornament on the tree to show unity and festivity with all names of the family, or the family name itself for all to see.
  • Pets – Your wonderful pet might be able to play, fetch and look cute, but it definitely can’t buy its own ornament. That’s where you come in as your pet’s loyal owner. Pay tribute to a past pet or your current trusty companion by placing an ornament on the tree showcasing its name or appearance. After all, pets (especially dogs) are very im-paw-tant. 

By now you should have a good idea of how you can personalize your new ornament and jazz up your tree with some friendly, family or pet-ly love. We’ve searched through the realm of online shopping to round up a range of ornaments that can be personalized at the point of order. You’re bound to find the best personalized Christmas ornament for you on this list.


1. ForeverWeddingCrafts Personalized Christmas Ornaments


Sometimes less is more and simplicity wins. With this personalized Christmas ornament from ForeverWeddingCrafts, you can keep things cool and customized with their minimalistic approach to personalization. Simply choose the shape of the ornament you’d like from their wide range of shapes, the font you’d like your chosen text to appear in and whether you’d prefer an acrylic or wood finish. You can also upload a photo to be printed onto the ornament if you so choose. So, basically, this personalized ornament can be whatever you want it to be, and the highlight of your tree.

a close up of a sign: personalized christmas ornaments foreverweddingcrafts

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personalized christmas ornaments foreverweddingcrafts


2. TODFOGO Personalized Christmas Ornament

MOST 2020

Face masks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. That’s 2020, Merry Christmas. We’re only joking, but really that is 2020. And, we’ve all lived through it. Well done to us! To remember this year, here’s a personalized Christmas ornament on which you can adorn toilet paper with your chosen merry message. You can even select the number of family faces you would like above the toilet paper, and you can add names to their Santa hats. Remember to hang it on your tree though, this festoon is not flush friendly.

a group of toy figurines: personalized christmas ornaments tosfogo

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personalized christmas ornaments tosfogo

Buy: TODFOGO Personalized Christmas Ornament $13.99


3. ByTracey Dinosaur Personalized Christmas Ornament


Why would any kid want Santa, snowmen or sleigh bells on their personalized Christmas ornament when they could have a dinosaur instead? It’s simple, they wouldn’t. So don’t waste any more time and order a personalized dinosaur ornament before these charming kids’ Christmas characters go extinct. You can choose from aluminum or glass at the time of order, depending on your preference (and age of child). You can also enter the name that you’d like printed below the illustrated green giant. Despite the complete personalization of this Christmas ornament, ByTracey can have it processed and sent within just a couple of days, so you can dress up your tree with new dinosaur decor in no time. 

a close up of a tree: personalized christmas ornaments bytracey

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personalized christmas ornaments bytracey


4. BackseatBoutique Personalized Christmas Ornament


There are few tree ornaments more traditional or beautiful than a Christmas ball. BackseatBoutique can personalize your new ornament with a color and your chosen name or message in a swirly elegant font. The inside of the balls is covered in glitter for a wonderful, wintery sparkle. The second best bit is that they’re shatterproof. But, their budget-friendly price really makes these personalized Christmas ornaments a winner.

personalized christmas ornaments backseatboutique

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personalized christmas ornaments backseatboutique


5. Rudolph and Me Baby’s First Christmas Ornament


First, we’re born, and then, fingers crossed, we get a Baby’s First Christmas Ornament from Rudolph and Me on the tree to celebrate our first ever December 25th. This adorable personalized Christmas ornament is available in both pink and blue. You can choose the name to be printed across the little cherub’s hat at the time of purchase. The ornament itself is made from polyresin, and it comes complete with a ribbon loop, ready for hanging as soon as you open the package.

personalized christmas ornaments rudolph and me

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personalized christmas ornaments rudolph and me

Buy: Rudolph and Me Baby’s First Christmas Ornament $16.95


6. Hobby Home Accessories Family Christmas Ornament


This gorgeous ornament from Hobby Home is an absolute must for families. If you have between one and eight siblings, parents, aunts, uncles or friends, then you can’t go wrong with this treat on your tree. Each individual hat on the peaking faces can be personalized to suit your motley crew. The message at the bottom can also be customized to suit. Perhaps you have a secret ‘in’ joke that you want to hang proudly, or, if not, there’s nothing wrong with a classic ‘The McCallister Family.’

diagram: personalized christmas ornaments hobby home accessories

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personalized christmas ornaments hobby home accessories

Buy: Hobby Home Accessories Family Christmas Ornament $22.95


7. Trend Setters Personalized Ornament


2020 is the weirdest year ever, for most of us. However, despite all the uncertainty, there’s still a bunch of good things pushing their way through, and they need to be celebrated. This 3.5-inch Trend Setters Personalized Ornament is a beautiful photographic keepsake to help you remember 2020 wedding days. You can upload your favorite photo along with both names and the date of the wedding to make this glass Christmas ornament truly yours.

a person wearing a suit and tie: personalized christmas ornaments trend setters

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personalized christmas ornaments trend setters

Buy: Trend Setters Personalized Ornament $26.99


8. Uncommon Goods Personalized Sweater Ornament


If you’ve ever hoped to hang a hamster-sized hand-knitted sweater on your Christmas tree, here’s your chance. This ornament can be personalized with up to two names on the front and a year of your choice on the back, too. Each piece is made from acrylic yarn, and the personalization is completed in an embroidery thread. And, unlike your human-sized funny Christmas sweater, these little ones are not machine washable, just in case you thought they might be.

a christmas tree: personalized christmas ornaments holiday sweater

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personalized christmas ornaments holiday sweater


9. Uncommon Goods Personalized Stamp Ornament


Find your favorite holiday photo and turn it into a personalized Christmas ornament thanks to Uncommon Goods. You can choose any photographic memory you like, send it over to them along with your choice of a red or green border, plus a small piece of text, family name, place or year that you’d like printed around the photo. These ornaments are made in Florida and measure 2.5 by 4.5 inches each. They’re complete with a jagged edge for the full stamp effect, just don’t go licking the back.

a close up of a person: personalized christmas ornaments personalized photo stamp

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personalized christmas ornaments personalized photo stamp


10. VintageBrandingCo Personalized Christmas Ornament


These lovely stainless steel circle Christmas ornaments from VintageBrandingCo can be laser engraved to suit your chosen message of up to 60 characters. Both the front and back can be engraved. Alternatively, personalize just the one side if you’d prefer. This Etsy seller has a wide range of preset fonts to pick from, or, for a further level of personalization, you can send them a photo of your own handwriting which they can use as a stencil for the engraving. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

a necklace on a table: personalized christmas ornaments vintagebrandingco

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personalized christmas ornaments vintagebrandingco


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