By now, you likely own at least one reusable face mask. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, wearing one in public settings is the best way to slow the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Since masks are going to continue to be an everyday necessity for the foreseeable future, you should make sure you find one that’s not only comfortable and well-designed, but also something you enjoy wearing. And Vistaprint’s latest launch will check all of those boxes. 

The online printing service partnered with four world-renowned artists to create a capsule collection of face masks with museum-worthy designs. Colorful, whimsical prints from Futura Laboratories , Jen Stark , Geoff McFetridge , and Parra now decorate Vistaprint’s original face masks, which launched back in May. 

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The machine-washable masks are made from multiple layers of lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric with extra stitching to ensure they’ll hold up for multiple uses. Each one has latex-free ear loops with adjustable beads to help alleviate painful tugging. But what makes Vistaprint’s masks so unique (besides their fresh new look) is the Replaceable Filter System (RFS) that adds an extra layer of safety. Studies have shown that filtered face masks can provide more protection than a typical single layer cotton mask. Filters can be purchased separately in packs of 10 to insert into your mask. 

Comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, check. Crafted with quality materials, check. Cool designs, check. The Artist Collection is part of Vistaprint’s mission to help normalize wearing masks while also showcasing artwork from creators. 

“One of Vistaprint’s strengths is our ability to pair high-quality printing with unmatched design and customization, and by collaborating with some of the most notable artists of our time we are able to bring their celebrated art to an approachable item like masks, and give people another way to express themselves,” Vistaprint CMO Ricky Engelberg said in a press release. 

Masks from the collection are available in adults and kids’ sizes, with prices ranging from $16 to $24. When you get to the landing page, you can click on each artist’s name, shop their designs , and learn more about their work. Vistaprint says it plans to continue collaborating with more designers in the future, so be sure to check back for more details. 

Buy It! Vistaprint x Parra The Birds Classic Face Mask, $16–$24;

Buy It! Vistaprint x Geoff McFetridge All of Us Face Mask, $16–$24;

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