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Chances are, you have to come across that time sooner or later when you are buying a gift for the woman who seems to have everything. All the normal gifts that cross your mind just really aren’t sounding as good as they used to. If you’ve been really stumped before, or are stumped now, you may need to think a little bit outside the box, or erm, inside the glass to find the perfect gift for a unique lady. 

Whether you’re looking to prepare for the next time you have to buy such a gift or are currently on the hunt at this moment, we’ve got just the thing for you. Meet the Everlasting Flower Glass Cover Decoration. This beautiful fabric rose is romantically lit in a glass dome, preserved forever. It’s so beautiful, you might even want to buy it for yourself. Plus, it just so happens to be on sale for a limited time. 

This stunning piece of decor features a stunning flannel rose encased inside a glass-shaded LED light strip. The LED lights are battery-powered, so you won’t have to plug it in for it to light up a room with soft light. The string of LED lights is made of bendable thin copper wire, so you can form it into any shape you choose.

The most maintenance you’ll have to do for this romantic piece of decor is (very) occasionally replace the 3 AAA batteries. One of the best things about this lighting display is that it’s perfect for a bedside table, in an entry-way, but it also is well suited for parties, weddings, and other events in your life. 

The Everlasting Flower Glass Cover Decoration normally costs $39, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $29.95, which is 23% off. 

Prices subject to change. 


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