FRIENDS superfans, mark your calendars and set your browsers to this Friday, May 21: At 10 a.m. ET / 9 a.m. CT, you’ll have a chance to book one of two officially sponsored overnight stays in New York City at The FRIENDS Experience recreation of the popular television series’ set on Sunday, May 23 or Monday, May 24. The rate for you and your bestie to spend the night in this FRIENDS hideaway is only $19.94 per night, a hat tip to the year the show premiered. The FRIENDS Experience is located at 130 East 23rd street, in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan, though the exterior of the apartment building that appeared in the show is further downtown in Greenwich village at 90 Bedford Street. FYI: Indoor scenes for the show were all filmed at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.




For the opportunity to make like Joey, Rachel, or any other member of the posse, the online travel booking giant has teamed up with experiential entertainment company Superfly X to give fans the chance to stay for an overnight in the split-level venue with all sorts of furnishings and memorabilia that will delight FRIENDS enthusiasts.

Per the press release,

you’ll be able to capture photos with set re-creations, props, and costumes that have defined more than 25 years of the famed television show. Relive the famous Thanksgiving turkey scene, peek through Rachel and Monica’s purple door, and relax on Chandler and Joey’s recliner after playing some foosball. Help with the infamously doomed sofa pivot, explore newly added original props and costumes from the show like Chandler’s bunny suit and Rachel’s famous cow jacket, or sit in Monica & Rachel’s living room before heading to the fully re-created Central Perk to pose on the iconic orange couch.

Joey may not like to share his food, but we’re glad his would-be home is ours for the booking. We hope — best of luck come Friday. Pass that extra Central Perk cup of coffee.

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