Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer Reviews
Photo credit: Hammacher Schlemmer Reviews

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Prepare for an decoration so big that there’s a very real chance that you’ll have to set it up outside. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling an 18-foot inflatable Frosty the Snowman that will tower over every other decoration in the neighborhood. It’s even bigger than that insane viral skeleton that people couldn’t stop talking about for Halloween!

This inflatable looks exactly like the beloved Frosty, complete with corncob pipe, button nose, two eyes made out of coal, and a candy cane in hand. He even has that old silk hat that brought him to life! All you have to do is activate the built-in electric air pump and it’ll inflate in minutes — just make sure you have plenty of space when you do!

As if the size itself weren’t enough to gain the attention of your neighbors, the fact that it puts on a grand light show will. The colorful lights will illuminate Frosty and be the reason that you have a line of cars in front of your house once the sun goes down.

“Based on the beloved character from the classic 1969 cartoon, an internal projector illuminates Frosty’s bulbous body with a kaleidoscopic display of multicolored lights guaranteed to produced amazed stares and appreciative smiles from visitors and passerby,” the description says.

The 18-foot inflatable Frosty the Snowman is available online at Hammacher Schlemmer for $399.95. The exterior is made of a durable polyester exterior and it comes with four stakes and eight tethers, so it’ll stay in place throughout the Christmas season.

Now if only the real Frosty the Snowman were 18 feet tall, it would have taken him a whole lot longer to melt in the movie. Oops — spoiler alert?

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