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  • This Is Us season 5 premiered on Tuesday, October 27 on NBC.

  • During the episode, some #ThisIsUs Twitter fans called attention to Family Feud host Steve Harvey’s cameo.

  • Some believe there’s a specific reason why the writers chose to highlight Family Feud in both Randall and Kevin’s living rooms.

There’s a hidden message behind Family Feud host Steve Harvey‘s appearance in the This Is Us season 5 premiere, according to s0me fans online.

Those who watched the two-hour premiere can recall that at the very beginning of the episode, we see Randall and his family tuning into Family Feud after watching the Black Lives Matter protests. Moments later, viewers are taken inside Kevin and Madison’s living room, where they, too, are watching Steve host the iconic game show. As Kevin and Madison cuddle on the couch, Kevin tells his pregnant fiancée that the Pearsons all used to watch Family Feud together.

Photo credit: NBC
Photo credit: NBC

On one level, Family Feud is a great show for unwinding and is clearly used as a source of temporary relief for Randall, Beth, and their girls after watching the news coverage. But as one This Is Us viewer, @tayallday, noted, there could also be a “double meaning” behind the show’s inclusion. After all, the writers could’ve selected any show to feature here, but they wanted Kevin and Randall to both be watching Family Feud in particular.

So, why that game show? It could be a reflection of how Kevin and Randall are in the middle of their own “family feud” following their explosive fight in the season 4 finale. The image of the brothers watching Family Feud from different living rooms reinforces the fact that the two are still angry at one another and haven’t totally healed.

Only a few caught the potential connection, but those who did saw it as a clever addition to the episode. One fan tweeted, “See, it’s the little details like this that make the writing of #ThisIsUs utterly genius.”

Can’t argue with that.

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