With the coronavirus having made track days a difficult proposition, auto enthusiasts are increasingly turning to high-tech simulators to get their racing thrills. And while this usually means strapping into the virtual cockpit of a modern-day race car, a new VR system from The Classic Car Trust will let you get behind the wheel of the vintage auto of your dreams.

The Italian organization has just announced that its teaming up with Racing Unleashed on an upcoming classic car simulator called the eClassic. And to add to the experience, the organization has enlisted two of the biggest names in coach building, Pininfarina and Zagato, to help design the machine.

While most simulators are focused on recreating the experience of driving a cutting-edge race car down to the most intricate details, the eClassic tries something different. While details about its full technical capabilities remain scarce, the group has made clear that its focus will be on capturing the thrill of piloting a classic Ferrari or Alfa Romeo around a curving track. That means you’ll be able to use this simulator to hone your driving skills, but also to have some actual fun.

Of course, classic cars are coveted for their design, and this simulator doesn’t sacrifice style for sport. The system will be available in two different body styles, one designed by Pininfarina and the other by Zagato. And the attention to detail doesn’t stop at the curvaceous exterior, as the lavishly appointed cabin of each simulator features a wooden steering wheel, manual gear shifter and a comfortable, leather bucket seat. Helping make the experience even more immersive is a three-monitor set-up attached to the front of the machine as well as a hydraulic base that will add some IRL driving dynamism to each ride.

“TCCT is proud to be launching eClassic, which allows [users] to drive and race with classic cars whenever and wherever—safely and at no cost to the environment, in a genuinely exciting experience,” the group said on its website (via HiConsumption). “With eClassic TCCT is adding a new dimension to the classic car experience.”

The Classic Car Trust has yet to announce pricing for its chic racing simulator, but it has said that it will arrive next year. Launching alongside it will be the eClassic Racing Club, an online community that will offer a training sessions, a personalized coaching program and live races for its members.

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