Saturday, April 17, 2021

I wish humans could factory reset. You know, like iPhones? Restore ourselves to our original mainframe — to when we’re peak-motivated, feeling fresh and ready to take over the world. While the merging of humans and machines is closer than we think, such possibilities aren’t quite at our fingertips. But what I can give you is this guide for attaining that same rejuvenated feeling. From a fictional read that will restore your faith in mankind to a Chinese breathing technique for healing, plus some house hacks for that sense of newness, this is your guide to rewiring your hardware.

Joshua Eferighe, Reporter

1. ‘Fall in Love’ With Fiction

John Edgar Wideman is the master of the short story. Need proof? The native of Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood is the first to make the esteemed shortlist to win the PEN/Malamud Award twice. His fiction — often based on people from his humble, predominantly African American neighborhood — is as human as it comes, diving into the interior lives of complex characters and the factors that change them. You Made Me Love You is a collection of the best of his stories from 1981 to 2018, giving you breadth and beauty while tuning you into the things that matter.

2. Binaural Beats

Riddled with anxiety? So was Jessica Trimberger … until the beauty product company owner tried binaural beats, tones played at different frequencies to treat both ears concurrently while wrapped in the veneer of other soothing music. If that sounds trippy, it is: trippy enough to garner millions of views on YouTube as folks look to ease their pains with music unlike any other. Close your eyes and give it a try.

3. Digital Cleanse

So you’ve tidied your home and gone through that neglected pile of mail. Maybe you even bought a little planner for your home office. But if you don’t clean up your digital diet too, your brain will still feel like scrambled eggs. Start with a digital spring clean, deleting downloads, cleaning out your photo folder and installing a password manager. Check out this handy website — — to see how many times your personal info has been stolen (trust us, it has). Then tell Google to get its hands off your search history with automatic deletions. Take it further with apps like Evernote, which help you take notes without any of the physical clutter. Relief, at last.

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1. New Face, Who This?

Dress the part, feel the part … but what about sprucing up your birthday suit instead? Get in the routine with this Pore-Tight Kit and create a glow that’ll have you staring at your own damn self in the mirror. The six-piece set has a watermelon mask, toner and moisturizer, plus blueberry cleanser and avocado eye cream. Look, if you want to feel like Drake and Kanye’s jam, “Glow,” apply these before bed.

2. Reboot Meal Plan

A little body reupholstery is in order. It’s going to take more than a weekend, but after cruising through Giada De Laurentiis’ three-day meal plan, you will find yourself sleeping better, waking up energized and experiencing less brain fog. And the renowned Italian American chef is exactly who I’d trust in this department. Known for her elaborate pasta dishes, if anyone knows about cleaning up a full stomach, it’s Giada.

3. Breathe Easy

Shut your mouth. No, really. Nearly three-quarters of American beds have at least one mouth breather snoring the night away, studies say. An open mouth is a gateway to respiratory infection, leading to bad breath, sleep apnea and a host of other health conditions. Breathing practice is simple, but when you focus on changing your technique, the improvements are immense: from boosting your immune system to even improving your sexual prowess. Breathe well, so you can feel well.

1. What’s Yours Is Yours

Whether or not you’re spiritual, American bishop T.D. Jakes has something to offer as one of the most talented orators of our time. His sermons are universally relatable, with his latest focusing on overcoming impostor syndrome. Drawing from the biblical twins of Genesis — where the older, Esau, was made to serve the younger, Jacob — Jakes explains that it was a blessing Jacob was destined to have despite his discomfort. We should not question the gifts we possess in our lives, but rather sit with our blessing and make ourselves at home there. And if you want something really inspirational, listen to The Carlos Watson Show to hear about how Jakes’ daughter, Sarah Jakes Roberts, overcame teen pregnancy to become a minister and bestselling author.

2. Qi Gong Meditation

Similar to tai chi, this ancient Chinese meditation practice has been said to heal ailments from chronic fatigue and insomnia to leg and back pain. Translated to “the master of one’s energy,” these controlled, gentle exercises require recurring action and aim to help center the mind and balance your chi. This technique, according to its cultural history, cultivates the energy and strength of nature into one’s body that then boosts your overall well-being.

3. Aromatherapy

Sometimes called essential oil therapy, this holistic healing treatment dates back to ancient Asian cultures, where natural plant extracts were used for balms. Advanced extraction methods, diffusers, aromatic spritzers and bathing salts are now making these health benefits widely available. If you’ve never tried it, this shower gel oil set by Aromatherapy Associates is perfect, offering solutions for every mood, like “de-stress,” “inner strength” and “equilibrium,” that will turn your shower into a sanctuary.

1. Get Smarter With Your Lighting

Your home should be your refuge — your place of retreat to escape the ills of the world. And as lines between home and the world have blurred of late, it gives even more incentive for us to master our domain. These smart lights help do just that. Bluetooth-enabled, voice- and app-controlled, and offering an array of colored lighting features, these bulbs are exactly what you need for your space to match your energy.

2. Clean Cordless

Is this what getting older is all about? Because cleaning is such a turn-on for me now. Forget the newest Jordans; tell me when Fabuloso is dropping its newest scent. Well, this cordless Samsung vacuum is definitely the Jordans of cleaning appliances. Besides not having a cord, the state-of-the-art vacuum has an extended cleaning time of up to 60 minutes. Talk about sexy — with this cleaning power, you may find yourself vacuuming just because.

3. Sound Bar None

The magic of music is no mystery — we all know the right song will flip our moods in a minute and completely shift the energy of a room. So why not invest in a good system? This sound bar from Samsung has a 5.1-inch frame and built-in subwoofer that will bolster any space you choose.

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