The latest beauty sets, the hottest tech, the trendiest clothing—all things you’d normally expect to gift and receive for the holidays. But put a 2020 twist on it, and you’re looking at a whole different type of present this year. If you haven’t guessed by now, let us fill you in: The number one gift for 2020 is face masks.

That’s right, according to a consumer survey conducted by Livinguard, 56 percent of shoppers plan to give face masks as presents this year. Maybe it’s because more than three in four Americans (77 percent) have officially accepted mask-wearing as the norm for the foreseeable future, and want to help out their friends and family with practical gifts. Maybe it’s because mask designs have come so far, gotten so much more wearable and so, so much cuter, that they’re now accessories in and of themselves, and thus, they fit into that trendy clothing category we mentioned earlier. Maybe it’s a subconscious way of letting everyone know once and for all that you do wear a mask, damnit, and they should too.

Who’s to say, really. All we know is that if you’re part of the 56 percent, these five masks ahead—all purchasable online and ripe for gifting—will do the trick.

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It’s important to find the Goldilocks of face masks, meaning, ones that aren’t too small or too big. These adjustable cotton masks, which let you perfectly fit the ear straps to your liking, are just right. They’re made with a three layer construction that includes a filter, and each pack comes in three different colors or prints for mixing and matching. There are three sets of varying designs to choose from.

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Soft cotton jersey with a simple two-tone color scheme make this stretchy mask an easy choice. It’s machine washable and even has a pocket to hold a filter, though it doesn’t come with one. The material is anti-microbial and infused with nanosilver to prevent bacteria and microbe growth. It comes in four colorways.

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Cool colors and prints just make wearing masks more fun. That’s a fact. And this especially applies to kids. This pair of washable, 100 percent cotton masks are fully adjustable to fit kids of all ages, and the adjustable wire at the bridge of the nose makes for an extra comfy fit. There are four options to choose from, with one color and one pattern in each set.

BUY IT ($23)

Anyone who has ever tried to work out in a regular mask knows it can be tough business, which is why using one with breathable performance fabrics is key. This one from Under Armour has a host of features that your favorite runner will love: a structured design to sit up and off the face and lips, a water-resistant outer shell, anti-microbial treatment on the inside layer, cooling ear loops and interior lining and built in UPF 50+ sun protection. Oh, and it comes in six different color options, of course.

BUY IT ($30)

Show us a cuter set, we’ll wait. This designer trio is made from 100 percent cotton (chambray for the first, jersey for the second two) and each have elastic ear bands with adjustable toggle ends. The extra embellishments and embroidery give them a certain stylish flair your best friend will love two unwrap during your socially-distanced holiday hang. *Air hugs*

BUY IT ($30)

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