1. Exercise

This is the most common resolution made during the new year, evidenced by the annual spike in gym membership purchases. Exercising can look different for everyone, and we all have different starting points so there’s no need to feel pressured to hit the gym every day. Exercise with a group of friends to keep you motivated, and don’t feel guilty for taking rest days. After all, a yearly resolution takes time. 

2. Healthy habits

Another popular way to try to become healthier is adjusting your diet. Cutting out all desert or all fast food can be too drastic of a change for some people to keep up with while others can handle it. Adjusting how much water you drink a day is a significant way to improve your health. Making small adjustments to your diet achieves this resolution and with patience you can create the eating habits you desire. Don’t be too hard on yourself for eating dessert once in a while — healthy eating is about having well-rounded eating habits, cake included. 

3. Organization

Whether this is in regards to cleaning your home or being more organized mentally, this is an achievable resolution. Taking steps once a week to clean your room or study space can increase your organization. Writing down assignments that are due will stop you from losing track of the things you need to do and allow you to prioritize your time. Procrastination is not the answer. 

4. Less screen time

This is difficult today because how common Zoom is for learning and remote employment. A goal could be to allow yourself time away from your screen outside of your online commitments. Going outside, reading a book or cooking are a few things that will allow you to get away from your screen. Leaving your phone in your room for a while and spending time with your family or roommates will allow you to disconnect and live in the moment. Making memories is much easier when you are not distracted or trying to capture it on camera.

5. Self love 

This year has been very difficult for everyone. People spent much more time alone and it has been mentally challenging in a way that no one could have predicted. Self love is incredibly important in these times. Take a moment every day to recognize just one thing that you love about yourself and remember you are cherished by those around you. It is important to remember that you are valued and you bring something very important into the world. Making it through every day of 2020 was a significant accomplishment, and everyone deserves to be proud of themselves. 

6. Spreading positivity

Masks make it very difficult to smile at people and the decrease in social interaction makes it hard to have conversations with strangers that can make their day. Wearing a mask can protect citizens around you, and while it is a type of positivity that didn’t used to be appreciated, it is now. Giving back to the community in any way can improve someone’s life and the community around them. No one’s had an easy year — donating time, money or supplies to any organization you believe in can change someone’s way of living and can increase the positivity in the world.  

7. Saving money

Saving money is often a goal — especially in college — and it is heightened at the start of each new year. Whether you want to open a savings account, put away a certain amount of money each month or just budget certain aspects of your life, saving money is a very attainable goal. Cutting down on going out to eat a few times or making unnecessary purchases can leave you with hundreds of dollars at the end of the year you would have otherwise spent. Just remember — saving money can be done in both big and small ways.

8. Spend more time on academics 

This goes hand in hand with being organized. The assignments that slip through the cracks are often worth small point values, but small points here and there can help save a class grade. You can gain a bit of wiggle room on big assignments and exams if you have a good foundation in the easily attainable grades like homework. Procrastination is another thing that can hurt your grade. Studying is not something that should be done the day of a big exam, so lay out a plan to start studying earlier than you think you need to so you can be more prepared. Doing so will allow you to lower your stress level and make the grades you desire easier to obtain. 

9. Stay in touch with friends and family

Communication goes a long way in a society that is separated by physical and social barriers. Reaching out to friends and family can help you feel connected to the people you haven’t been able to see. Calling, texting or even writing a letter will mean so much to the person you’re reaching out to, and it will help you keep nurturing your relationships.

10. Learning a new skill

When most social events are not occurring and we’re spending more time alone, now is the best time to dedicate yourself to learning a new skill. Learning to cook, sew or draw can give you something to look forward to and work toward. If you find something you’re passionate about that you haven’t had the time to try before, now you can. Cooking and sewing are good life skills, but learning a new language is a good way to diversify yourself and accomplish an impressive feat. Achieving something beyond going to work or school on your computer can give you a sense of accomplishment and bring some fun into 2021. 

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