Online gaming is becoming more and more social with the rising popularity of platforms like Discord and Twitch. As these platforms become mainstream, even being used by politicians like AOC to draw in hundreds of thousands of viewers while playing Among Us, the chance that you can get more views on your own stream is possible, too. That being said, if you’re serious about streaming, you’ll need to really invest in your streaming setup. 


While you don’t always have to look like a pro to play like a pro, upgrading your gear with the right accessories can ultimately offer a more exciting experience for anyone watching your Twitch stream. Plus, if you’re moonlighting as a streamer, you may find some of these items useful for video conferencing at work remotely, too. 


Nexigo’s 1080p Business Webcam 


Whether you’re streaming from your desktop or your laptop, having an external webcam is crucial if you want to improve your video quality. Part of the fun of streaming a game online is the fact that it gives viewers a chance to watch your facial expressions, body language, and personality while you play. Crushing defeats and joyful last-second wins just aren’t the same when your feed is lagging, pixelated, or blurry. 


This is where a device like Nexigo’s 1080p USB webcam can give you some serious value for just under $40. Supporting full HD video and a 30fps frame rate, this webcam was designed with ease in mind. Nexigo’s webcam doesn’t require drivers, so you can just plug it in and use it. While it does come with a built in microphone, if you’re really serious about streaming, you’ll want to invest in a higher-end mic. Even so, other features like a privacy cover and compatibility with both Mac and Windows makes this a great option for streamers looking to boost their video quality.


Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone

Like video quality, it’s just as important to have great audio if you’re hoping people will watch and actually enjoy your stream. While many gamers opt for headsets, a standalone microphone like Razer’s Seiren X microphone may be even more desirable if you’re truly serious about streaming. With built-in features like a shock mount to reduce noise from bumps to your desk and a supercardiod pickup microphone to handle noise reduction, you’ll get consistent, quality audio when you switch over to this USB microphone.


Savvy buyers may question the fact that Razer advertises this USB microphone as a “streaming microphone,” as if those extra keywords might allow them to cash in on the growing streaming hype of 2020. However, The Razer Seiren X proudly earns this distinction as a microphone that was designed from the ground-up and put through the ringer by some of the top Twitch streamers online. When your voice is such an important extension of yourself while gaming via stream, it pays to avoid compromises on your mic quality.


Emart Collapsible Chromakey Panel (Green Screen)


The ability to replace your background is key if you want to provide a clean and distraction-free environment to stream from. While 2020 has shown a surge in people getting cute with chroma key backgrounds on Zoom calls, so you might think a green screen backdrop is a tacky accessory. However, as a streamer, you’ll want to remove your background so people are able to focus on you and the game—in some cases even freeing up extra real estate on the screen so people can view the game better.


While there are plenty of chromakey backdrops at or under $30 online, paying a little bit more money for convenience is definitely worth it. For example, if you don’t have a dedicated office to stream from, you’ll likely find yourself unpacking and setting up backdrop stands more than you’d like. Having a collapsible chromakey panel like the one sold by Emart is a much more portable, space-efficient way to get the background you need. At five by six feet, it’s the perfect size to set up behind your office chair, and its collapsible design also keeps it free of wrinkles so you’ll always get a nice key.


YUHX HDMI Video Capture Card

A lot of the peripherals that have been mentioned so far involve streaming games from your computer. That’s all well and good if you’re a PC gamer, but what if you’d like to stream a few games from your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch? This is where an item like YUHX’s HDMI video capture card can be a major asset to any gamer looking to stream.


Using HDMI to USB 2.0 technology, the YUHX HDMI video capture card allows you to interface a variety of devices with your computer for quick and easy HDMI capture. As long as your device or console has HDMI out, you’ll be able to get your footage—from gaming systems to camcorders and DSLRs. At only $20, this item is a steal for the flexibility it offers you. When you can stream what you love from the platforms you love, you’re bound to attract a following.


Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router – Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router


One of the major factors in the health of your stream relies less on your streaming equipment and more on your internet connection. Having a stable network connection is vital to streaming effectively, especially if you’re live streaming a hardware-intensive game from your computer over your wireless network. If you’re still renting the modem or router your internet provider cons you into paying for each month, take a look at the Speedefy AC2100 and make a switch.


Supporting 1733Mbps dual band gigabit WiFi, this smart router truly is lightning fast. Multiple external antennas ensure that you’ve got a strong signal regardless of where you stream from, and the latest WPA2 features keep your connection secure. Setting up a 5Ghz band for gaming and streaming while reserving the 2.4Ghz band for personal use helps you declutter your networks and streamline your internet connection, offering an ideal solution for streamers who share internet access with family members or roommates.


Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive


If you’re recording a lot of media in order to have backups of your streams, you’ll probably run out of space quickly without an external hard drive. Seagate’s portable two terabyte option is thus an excellent solution for any streamer, offering a massive amount of storage for under $60. While it might be tempting to go with a cloud-based storage solution like Dropbox or iCloud, you’ll ultimately save so much more money by opting for hard drive based storage instead. Seagate’s portable 2TB hard drive can even do double duty as storage for both video files as well as downloaded games, since it interfaces with systems like the PlayStation 4 via USB 3.0 and can effectively hold up to 50 games. 


Featuring plug-and-play technology, Seagate’s portable hard drive is easy to use with both Windows and Mac computers. It offers a maximum write speed of 120 megabytes a second, too, so you’ll be able to transfer your files quickly from your desktop to this device. As a backup hard drive or to extend your PS4 storage, it’s hard to find a better deal than Seagate’s portable option. 


Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

If you’re going to be streaming for hours at a time, it’s worth investing in some items that add to your comfort level. After all, if you’re getting fatigued from sitting at a desk all day, it’s likely to take some of the fun out of gaming, not to mention affect your performance. The Everlasting Comfort office foot rest is a great way to stave off discomfort by helping orient your legs and feet into a more comfortable position. It does this underneath your desk with a curved design and memory foam that help contour to your feet. With its non-slip bottom, you can effectively use the foot rest on hardwood as well as carpeted floors. 


So, what does properly aligning your legs and feet actually do for you while you’re at the computer? For starters, it can help improve your posture and boost circulation. Both of these are health factors in focus and concentration, which obviously matter when you’re gaming on stream. If you get lower back pain from sitting for too long, Everlasting Comfort’s foot rest can also help alleviate some of that.  


Homall Gaming Chair


Just like it’s important to have comfort for your legs and feet, if you don’t have a solid office chair for your desk, it’s going to be hard to stream for long stretches of time. There are a lot of gaming chairs on the market, and sometimes a company choosing to distinguish their chair as such will jack up the price. Homall’s gaming chair, however, offers a nice balance of features at a lower price point. This makes it a great entry-level gaming chair to help you see what the hype is all about.


For starters, racer style gaming chairs are ergonomically superior to their office-style counterparts. In addition to being high-backed, Homall’s gaming chair offers 150 degrees of reclining action, meaning that you can rock back and forth to better adjust your body, rather than having to stay in a static position. Its molded foam body and arm rests provide both comfort and support, too. Plus, with the included headrest pillow and cushion for lumbar support, you’ll be able to play for long sessions without getting stiff or sore. 


Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

Picking the right gaming keyboard is an art, which is why it makes a lot of sense to buy your keyboard and mouse separately instead of purchasing a combo pack to try and save some money. Much of choosing a keyboard comes down to personal preference, as different gamers (and games) benefit from different styles of keyboard. If speed is your biggest priority, then a keyboard with optical actuation is going to be far superior to a purely mechanical keyboard every day of the week. Razer has innovated in this space by pioneering the opto-mechanical Huntsman gaming keyboard, which balances lightning speed with unparalleled precision. 


A stabilizer bar helps to keep your keystrokes consistent, while optical technology ensures that you get the speed you need to stay competitive. Of course, there are plenty of features beyond its design that make the Huntsman an ideal option for gaming under $100. Razer’s keyboard is highly customizable, with onboard memory to save your personal settings. Underlit with Razer’s Chroma lighting, this keyboard is as aesthetically pleasing as it is powerful to use. 


Redragon M602 RGB Wired Gaming Mouse

Just like your keyboard, the right gaming mouse is going to be a matter of personal preference for many. The size of your hand, whether you need additional buttons, and even the surface you game on all factor into the decision of what mouse to buy for gaming. That being said, it’s hard to argue with the features and value offered by Redragon’s gaming mouse.

Offering seven programmable buttons and five separate memory profiles, this is a highly-configurable gaming mouse for the price point. At $16, it also offers various RGB color presets to match your other gaming peripherals (like your Razer keyboard). The M602 is a wired mouse, which is perhaps its only sticking point with gamers. Otherwise, it’s a great option and offers conveniently-placed additional mouse buttons and a tight scroll wheel in a brilliantly-lit, ergonomic package.

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