Valheim players have figured out a way to launch each other into the sky, leading to the creation of a ‘Viking Space Program,’ and a space race.

A recent discovery in Valheim has resulted in players trying to catapult themselves to Valhalla. Using harpoons, ramps, and chairs, various Valheim players have found that they can launch each other into the sky at ridiculous speeds, which has led to the formation of a “Viking Space Program.”

The survival MMO title just released earlier this month, and it has already broken Steam’s concurrent player record that was previously held by Among Us. The Valheim has repeatedly proven to be one of the most creative, from unique, interesting house designs to recreating the Millennium Falcon in-game. Considering all the ingenuity within the community, combined with the game’s plentiful design options, it makes complete sense that players would discover flight after just over three weeks.

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Eurogamer has discovered that players over on the Valheim subreddit have created makeshift contraptions to fling their buddies as high and far as the game’s engine will allow. As Eurogamer writes, the process requires at least, “two willing test subjects – one of whom must be impaled by an abyssal harpoon, and then flung up a ramp using the stored elastic energy.” Since then, players have tweaked this simple formula in different ways, such as creating, “runways to keep their buddies on-target, launching them at such speed that the game struggles to load textures.”

The resulting fling does indeed hurt players quite a bit (or flat out kills them), so to get around this, a few players built their rig out in the middle of the ocean, which provides their amateur astronaut with a relatively softer landing. The vast array of options has resulted in a “Viking Space Program,” within the community, as players come together to create more and more outrageous methods.

This is far from the first time players in an open-world game have found creative ways to make their own, unintentional fun; something similar happened a few months back when Red Dead Online players used a glitched bridge to fling themselves across the map. Still, no matter how many times it happens, it is always equally funny and impressive to see. Hopefully, the Valheim devs keep the physics as they are so the community can continue to run with it as far as the game will let them.

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Source: Eurogamer

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