Vet warns pet parents to be cautious of holiday plants, decorations and foods

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) -Holiday season is always a big concern for pet owners.

One veterinarian uses an acronym to simplify safety precautions to take- PDF.

He doesn’t mean an online document.

“Plants, decoration, and food. You think of tinsel and you’ve got a tree you’ve got a candle and all of that kind of things so you want to keep those where pets can’t get to them or don’t use them if you can avoid using those things,” says CARE Animal Center veterinarian Kirk Holland.

Which holiday dishes are safe and unsafe for pets?
Which holiday dishes are safe and unsafe for pets?(GRAY TV)

If pets chew on the leaves of a poinsettia, a popular holiday plant, they could experience vomiting and diarrhea.

“That’s usually not as dangerous mistletoe on the other hand is much more dangerous and can actually cause heart and blood pressure problems,” says Holland.

The big debate is when to put up a Christmas, but there’s no arguing about the dangers it could cause.

“If you have cats are climbers, so be sure to secure your tree.,” says Holland.

Bows and ornaments should but out of reach from pets so they won’t be able to chew on the decorations that could be toxic.

“Think of it like you would like a toddler so anything that a toddler can get into a dog or cat can certainly get into so you kind of want to puppy proof and kitten proof your home,” says Holland.

Most pets are considered family, but when it comes to holiday meals, pet owners must be cautious of some dishes.

“What we concern ourselves with is pets eating foods that are very fatty especially small breeds of food. Dogs that tend to be the ones in your lap and your arms and you give them a little something. Dogs are more susceptible to pancreatitis especially small dogs so an inflamed pancreas could be a very very dangerous thing,” says Holland.

Make sure trash cans are put away or have a secured lid.

If your pet is experiencing protracted vomiting or diarrhea you should contact your vet.

The vet also recommends reserving a place for your pet to go if the holiday company gives them anxiety.

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Wednesday November 2, 2022