Local businesses say the unseasonably warm weather is helping them get more work done

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s plenty to enjoy with the weather and that includes for people who have to work outside. They’re in a good mood while setting up a seasonal mood.

Thursday was a beautiful day in Northeast Ohio. Local businesses say the unseasonably warm weather is helping them get more work done.

From hanging Christmas lights to loading up dump trucks, people who work outside say this weather is making jobs easier.

“The weather is pretty much the biggest thing that holds us back most years,” said Andrew White, with Edison Landscape & Deck Lighting.

But not right now.

“Luckily, this year, no complaints at all. No snow, no problem,” White said.

“It definitely helps out all the trades as well as the landscapers, anyone working in the elements. Gives you an extra two weeks to get your jobs finished up that you need to on the exterior before we head into winter,” said Dwight McMurray, owner of McMurray Electric.

Putting some businesses ahead of schedule.

“Typically, around this time, is when we hit crunch time. We’re working 10-12 hour days and it’s cold every day. When it’s nice like this, you’re not kicking around a foot of snow. It really helps out quite a bit,” White said.

And letting others get caught up.

“We were a little behind schedule because of all the rain, the last couple of weeks of rain. Now, we got the good weather so we’re going to try to make up what we can,” said Sam Freedy, a foreman.

These workers say they’ll continue working to get as much done as possible before multiple layers of clothes slow them down.

“The less clothes you wear the better. In the winter when you have to wear your overalls. We don’t typically wear gloves because they slow you down, but some days you have to and that definitely puts a damper on how much you can get done in a day,” McMurray said.

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