The Argos Christmas advert has launched and it aims to provide some much needed Christmas magic.

Set to the tune of Gary Barlow’s brand new single, Incredible, magic takes centre stage in the retailer’s festive ad, and embraces themes of togetherness, love and support, as well as classic Christmas traditions and the joy of going back to basics.

In what is one of the first Christmas commercials to launch from a major British retailer, the advert is described as ‘the perfect tonic at the end of a very different year’. As Yan Elliott, Executive Creative Director at The&Partnership, who created the advert, explains: ‘This year, we felt more than ever we are all going to need a little bit of magic to lift our spirits and transform this Christmas into something spectacular.’

argos christmas advert 2020


argos christmas advert 2020


The Christmas advert centres around two sisters, Lucy and Daisy, who after circling a magic trick set (Marvin’s Magic Made Easy Tricks, £12) in the Argos Christmas gift guide – or Book of Dreams as it’s also known – transform into mini magicians as they perform in front of their family.


Marvin’s Magic 130 Magic Made Easy Tricks

Marvin’s Magic


Soon enough, the intimate living room setting is transformed into a grand theatre filled with an audience clapping and cheering.

‘This Christmas families are looking for escapism after what has been a challenging year for so many,’ says Rob Quartermain, Senior Campaign Manager for Argos. ‘Our magic show highlights how a simple gift can make a special memory. As the tricks get bigger, Lucy and Daisy dream bigger and, as if by magic, we see more of their family enjoy the show with them.

‘Argos is one of the UK’s biggest online retailers but the magical feeling of circling present ideas in the Christmas Gift Guide is something our customers love and sets us apart from everyone else.’

argos christmas advert 2020


In July it was announced that the iconic Argos catalogue was to cease printing after 48 years of circulation due to a shift in online shopping and customer habits, but confirmed it will continue to print its popular Christmas Gift Guide.


Argos Christmas advert 2019 recap

Titled ‘The Book of Dreams’, the feel-good 2019 Christmas advert saw the Argos catalogue take centre stage in the retailer’s festive advert for the first time in a decade. The advert begins with a father seeing that his daughter has circled a drum kit in Argos’ Christmas ‘Book of Dreams’ catalogue, only for the drum kit to magically appear in front of him after he taps the page with his finger. The family kitchen soon enough becomes a private gig, with the father drumming along to Simple Minds’ 80s classic ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’.

Watch the 2019 advert below:

Argos Christmas advert 2018 recap

The 2018 Christmas advert featured a mischievous ‘fool’ determined to ruin Christmas. Titled The Christmas Fool, the 90-second advert brought to life the tiny annoyances and curveballs that can cause unnecessary festive chaos in the lead up to the big day.

In the ad, the fool – a mischievous, impish creature with bells on its long ears – caused chaos in the homes of anxious families desperately trying to put the finishing touches to their Christmas preparations, by breaking fairy lights, stealing sellotape, unwrapping presents and knocking the angel from the top of the Christmas tree.

Watch the 2018 advert below:

Argos Christmas advert 2017 recap

The 2017 Christmas advert from Argos, named Ready For Take Off, saw a group of elves in a snow-swept distribution centre help Santa by delivering hundreds of thousands of gifts to good children all across the country. In a Christmas advertising first, Ready For Take Off also gave children the opportunity to feature in the TV advert themselves, with three lucky kids appearing on the small screen.

Watch the 2017 advert below:

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