What are the pros and cons of having a big house? How do you decorate and maintain it?

Most humans know and understand the importance of having a roof over their heads. Humans require comfort, security, and protection derived from living within the confines of a house or home for their physical and mental health. A lot of things come into play when renting or owning a house, some of which include finance, socio-economic status, family sizes, and personal preferences.

One major benefit of a big house is that it easily accommodates a large or moderately sized family. This is because larger houses are usually more spacious, allowing for a larger number of people to live comfortably without feeling cramped. A larger apartment can comfortably house your immediate family members and your relatives, including guests or visitors. The spacious nature of largest houses gives more room for an ordered arrangement of furniture, home appliances, and other properties. However, one of the disadvantages of big houses is that they usually gulp more costs in terms of purchasing them, carrying out maintenance and repairs, as well as insurance. With a big house, you need proper ensuring services that could cover for all unforeseen mishaps that can occur. In such a case you might even need to read insurance companies’ reviews to ascertain the best set of insurance companies to consider giving a try.

If it’s a rented apartment, you will also need proper home insurance covers for any such mishaps that could occur in the future. Many insurance companies like Lemonade not only offers homeowners insurance policies but equally offer renters insurance policy that gives you some of the benefits in a typical home insurance policy.

Also, with a larger house, you have to cater to more expenses; from paying higher utility bills to purchasing home furnishings and appliances. Such houses usually require more cleanups like moping, dusting, vacuuming, or wiping.

With all these, one could argue that there are lesser benefits to owning and living in a large house, but this is not always the case. Owning and living in large houses isn’t something that comes with fixed pros and cons. It also depends on how well you can maintain and take care of it. In doing that, you can employ some of the tips rolled out below.


Clean the house regularly

You can do this by establishing schedules and routines for regular cleans ups. You can also make a list of what to clean and the most suitable time for the clean-up. You can share tasks with your kids or amongst each member of your household to make the clean-up less cumbersome, and to fast track the whole process.


Prioritize your clean up

Stick to meeting a particular cleaning goal or schedule before hopping into another. You don’t have to wait for a designated period before carrying out minor cleanups, such as dusting a shelf or windowpane, you can choose to make thorough cleanups on weekends and holidays, while on normal days you indulge in minor peripheral clean-ups on obvious parts of the house like the floors, the windows, and furniture that are generally conspicuous.


Have specific places for keeping items and objects.

Designate specific locations and places for different items. For example, your clothes should go into a wardrobe and not on the couch or bed. Other things to be mindful of include stationeries, home appliances, footwear, accessories laundries, etc. Keep cleaning supplies very close to where they are needed, and purchase new ones when necessary. Don’t store up dirty laundries for extensive periods. Frequently wash and dry your clothes, alongside bedspreads and covers before storing them or using them again.


Inspect your house regularly

Inspect your house regularly for damages and necessary modifications, to enable you to make plans and budget for necessary repairs and alterations. If you find it challenging to keep up with the necessary cleanups and maintenance your house requires, you can hire housing maintenance services to help you do that.

Conclusively, you can decorate your house by applying and combining colorful paintings on your walls. Carefully choosing and positioning your home furnishings like chairs, sofas, lamp stands, footstools, side tables, fluorescent lights, hanging flower vase, etc. Moderately positioning artworks, family pictures, and wallpapers on the walls. You could also use more than one type of floor covers that are colorful and employing the services of an interior designer or decorator.