In practice, this could look like going for a jog with a member of your household or walking around the park with a friend, while keeping a two metre distance apart. You are also allowed to stop and sit on a park bench. 

You don’t have to wear a face covering when exercising outdoors. However, they are compulsory for all indoor venues, such as supermarkets.

Can I drive to exercise?

The short answer is no. The new guidance states that exercise should be undertaken locally, and travel is only allowed for essential reasons. The situation in Wales is similar: the whole country is at alert level 4, meaning people should stay at home, not mix with other households and not travel without a reasonable excuse. Indeed, during the last lockdown, people were warned against – and even fined for – travelling to well known beauty spots for exercise.

How far can I go for exercise?

According to the new measures, you must stay local for your exercise. There is not a time limit on how long your exercise should be, so technically you can run, walk or cycle for any amount of distance. However, bear in mind that the guidance states that excursions should be limited to once a day. 

Can I meet up with friends or family for exercise?

Yes, but choose your exercise buddy wisely. The new rules state that you can only meet up outdoors with one other person from another household, or your support bubble. However, it’s important to remember that these rules don’t extend to private spaces; for example, you should avoid having someone round to your garden for a work out. You have to remember to socially-distance, too. When around other people, the advise says you should stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household – meaning the people you live with – or your support bubble. 

In theory, this means you could meet for a session with a personal trainer or sports coach, as long as you are adhering to social distancing rules – and travel safely to get there, avoiding public transport if you can. It also means you can go on a jog with one member of another household, as long as you make sure to socially distance from each other. Plus, there are no limits on gatherings in the park with members of your household – so you can work out in public with people you live with.

Team sports are banned. However, there is an exception for the few children still in school over the coming weeks. 

It is still recommended that those who fall into the “high risk” category – people who are over 70 or those who are immunocompromised – return to the shielding advice laid out in March last year. They should avoid the workplace or school, and should aim to visit shops or the pharmacy only at quieter times of day, or else ask friends, family or volunteers to collect supplies on their behalf.

The same goes for those who are showing symptoms of coronavirus. So, if you’re worried – stick to home workouts. You will be surprised at what you can achieve from your sitting room!

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