Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny Day should be replaced with something new this spring so that fans don’t have to repeat the unpopular event.

Plenty of events have come and gone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with the game coming up on its one-year anniversary. While many of these have been a lot of fun, there a few that stand out as frustrating and arduous to get through. Animal Crossing‘s Bunny Day holiday, in particular, should be removed entirely from the 2021 lineup to spare players the irritation of going through it a second time.

Bunny Day was an Animal Crossing event that ran from April 1 to 12, with a focus on collecting eggs around the player’s island to use in crafting a number of DIY items. The eggs could be found in trees, while fishing, in rocks or while popping balloons. So many types of eggs popped up all over the island that it stopped being a fun hunt and became an annoyance. This was only made worse when players started to amass the DIY recipes for various clothing and furniture items, only to discover they were garish and unusable outside of the event. With spring events in the future, Animal Crossing should replace Bunny Day with something different.

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Animal Crossing could add events that focus on different aspects of spring. An event centered on an expansion of the cherry blossom season could be enjoyable, for instance. The DIY recipes that used Animal Crossing’s Cherry-blossom Petals were cute and bright, and adding a cherry blossom festival near the end of the month would give players a chance to use those adorable picnic baskets and piles of petals as decorations for the celebration.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Needs A Better Spring Event

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Another event Animal Crossing could use to replace Bunny Day is a spring equinox celebration. This year, spring will begin on March 20, and the event could start the week before that date. The event could include special flowers for players to purchase and plant around their islands, springtime decorations and furniture (like flower-adorned benches and garden boxes), or even spring equinox clothing that focuses on different flowers for a color scheme. This would allow fans a chance to appreciate the bright colors of springtime decoration, but still have the option to use the items during other times of year without looking out of place.

If Bunny Day must happen again this year, it should by much shorter. The 12-day-long egg explosion doesn’t do anything to make the event more enjoyable. However, replacing the Animal Crossing event altogether with something that focuses more on welcoming spring and less on drowning players in a mess of ugly egg furniture and clothing would be a better option, and it would help fans be more excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ events in the coming months.

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