More than ever, your home is your own personal refuge — so why not take the time to make it a space you love? Redecorating doesn’t need to mean a time-intensive DIY project or a bank-busting undertaking with an interior designer. You can transform the look and feel of your space with the simple addition of a piece of wall art, like a framed print or poster.

Of course, finding the right piece is easier said than done. Giant home decor online retailers feel impersonal and cheap while heading to your local gallery seems way too pricey for most. That’s what makes Fine Art America, the largest art site in the world, so unique. The site offers everything from unique canvas prints to tapestries and paintings — and it’s the perfect resource to use to go online shopping for piece of art that will do more than just fill space.

For one thing, you’ll also be supporting the hundreds of thousands of artists who make their work available on the site, from painters to photographers. Whether you’re searching for the perfect piece for the lonely bare spot in your office or your bedroom wall, you’ll have the variety you need. And with the holiday season coming, you may be shopping for more than just yourself. Luckily, it’s easy to navigate the Wall Art section of their website, where you can find various wall art broken down by type, including:

Framed Prints

If you want your piece to arrive ready to be hung immediately, choose from museum-quality prints from different artists and brands pre-framed to your liking. Each print is hand-crafted using premium quality papers, frames, mats, and archival inks.

Art Prints

There are 50 different print sizes and papers available for a perfectly customizable look and feel. You can also pick acrylic print stylings covering everything from animals to abstracts, architecture to city prints, and more.

Metal and Wooden Prints

Each one of their metal prints (with a vast array of subjects) is printed on 1/16″ thick aluminum. If you prefer a more classic look and feel, check out the wood prints, which are printed directly on a sheet of 3/4″ thick maple wood.

For a more personal touch or a great gift idea, you can also have your own art or family photos turned into canvas prints or even paintings. You’ll be shocked how amazing a canvas print of an important memory can look like art if done professionally.

If all those options have you feeling a little overwhelmed, you can also opt to browse through curated art collections, hand-picked by the Fine Art staff. You can choose something highly specific, like some state word art to pay homage to your home or watercolor pop icon pieces that are the perfect finish for your music room.

There are even major brands that have their own collections: for example, the Sports Illustrated shop features some of the most memorable covers they’ve had over the years and the Condé Nast shop exhibits some of their most iconic, classic photographs, and illustrations. You can also buy framed prints and canvas prints of some of the most famous covers from the TIME Magazine shop.

If you’re a visual person, you’ll definitely want to try out their augmented-reality mobile app that helps you see how the artwork looks before you complete your purchase. Plus, the shipping is fast enough that you don’t need to spend too many days looking at a blank wall (or the same tired wall art) much longer. Shop now.

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