Appetite Creative was brought on board to help powerful AI insights engine Squirro revamp its look and make it more appealing to new and existing customers.


Squirro defines itself as a “group of talented individuals from around the globe who love working with each other”, and came to revolutionize the business world by delivering insanely great results on enterprise data. As companies all over the world have more data available to them than ever before, Squirro aims to build the world’s first true insights engine so it can help businesses take advantage of that data, helping them do their jobs better. By turning unstructured data into valuable insights and practical actions, Squirro has become many B2B businesses’ favourite ‘smart assistant’.

Squirro named this solution Augmented Intelligence because, by unleashing the power of all enterprise data stored to find deals before the competitors, getting actionable recommendations and having strong talking points, humans get augmented and have greater chances of doing their jobs better. Always putting their customers as a top priority, Squirro offers solutions to businesses working in different fields, including banking and finance, insurance and manufacturing.


As an international company specializing in cutting edge technology, Squirro realized that there was a clear mismatch between the way it was presenting itself online and the way it wanted to be seen by its target audience and customers. Its iconic squirrel character was outdated, its website design unstylish and there was an urgent need to improve the page’s speed, which ultimately led internal managers to feel that Squirro’s online presence was not aligned with its field of expertise.

Squirro also wanted to guarantee that its customers were provided with the most value while positioning itself as a thought leader and ideal solution provider. To ensure that, all supporting content that helped market the collateral needed to be revised and improved – including webpages, imagery, advertisements etc. Also, the way the website and other platforms were being utilized and performing required some revision and upgrading.


To revamp Squirro’s old-fashioned look and feel, Appetite Creative collaborated with the Swiss, US and Spanish Squirro teams and came up with a modern, fully functional and engaging website design that suits both the brand’s and its customers’ needs. The website was optimised for SEO and the user journey was also revisited to turn the page into a highly responsive and effective platform.

Appetite also needed to create stationery and brand guidelines, update the colour palette and create new icons to decorate the website’s pages, to ensure that the overall look, message and feel reflected the new branding. Therefore, Squirro’s iconic squirrel was rejuvenated and adapted to the different fields of expertise of the brand, giving rise to four new squirrels and environments: the banking squirrel, the insurance squirrel, the manufacturing squirrel and, finally, the general squirrel, as well as its respective ‘worlds’.

A new portfolio, involving case studies and sales presentations, was also thoroughly designed. The goal was to instil confidence in the brand, elevate its engagement opportunities and leads, and ensure that all Squirro’s sales messaging was uniformed.

Squirro also benefited from the creation of a content calendar, with the right times to post to each market and the right messages for each target audience. A bespoke and user-friendly digital brochure was also conceived so customers could easily learn more about all services provided by Squirro.


Our goal was to help Squirro show its customers and website visitors how they could make the most of the brand’s services while having a pleasant journey and experience online.

Appetite Creative delivered a new hybrid website – a fully custom-built theme, from the UI design all the way to the front end development and connected to WordPress. The website is now responsive, functional across all devices and highly engaging. Also, the harmony across the brand’s portfolio is now evident, as the colours displayed in the website and sales presentations are uniform, instilling confidence and professionalism in the brand.

Jenny Stanley is the managing director at Appetite Creative.

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