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Seoul, South Korea (26. OCTOBER, 2020): Asian consumers spend more time online than consumers in the US, Canada, and all of Europe. As a result, digital ad spending has skyrocketed by 425% in India, 154% in Singapore, 125% in Japan, and similarly across key Asian countries. Western companies are taking notice. They want to get in on the mobile boom to expand their brand and increase revenue. Unfortunately, even with digital engagement on the rise, most foreign companies fail miserably. Even those who excel digitally in their home country.

Why Western Companies Fail In Asia

The most common mistake foreign companies make when marketing in Asia is failing to localize their marketing. Most companies keep their current marketing team, either their in-house team or an external team, and implement a similar marketing strategy for all countries they serve. They hire a translator but dont change much else.

This approach fails miserably because Asian search engines are unique, social media platforms vary, and Asian consumers engage differently with digital. While their digital content is translated, it must be revised to ensure it is culturally relevant.

How InterAd Helps Western Companies Capture Market Share

Founded in 2001 by CEO Stanley Chang, InterAd specializes in digital marketing in Korea, Japan, China, and the APAC region. His team of local and native-speaking digital marketing experts work one-on-one with Western companies to establish a brand identity and localized SEO and SEM strategy. With InterAd, if a company expands to both South Korea and Japan, they create two unique digital strategies.

There has never been a better or more exciting time for Western companies to enter the Asian market, said Stanley Chang, CEO of InterAd, Asian consumers are increasingly mobile-first, and the rising rates of mobile engagement reflect that. With a localized SEO and SEM strategy, foreign companies can capitalize on Asias digital boom.

InterAds outcomes speak for themselves:

  • Phillips reached out to increase their Sonicare toothbrush sales. Investing just 10% of their allocated digital marketing budget, InterAd increased organic website traffic by 85%, increased conversions to an impressive 6.9%, and sold out the initial stock in just one week.
  • BuyKorea, Korean B2B marketplace Kotra reached out to expand their site to Korea. InterAd increased website visitors to over 150K per day and conversions by 7%.
  • Korean AI company Selvas AI expanded to Japan with targeted blogging. This resulted in over 20 top 40 keywords and over 4,500 website visitors per day.
  • The British Council Korea reached out for a localized marketing strategy, which resulted in increasing daily website traffic from less than 200 to over 5,500 per day for their English language software.

See what our global clients have to say about InterAd by visiting our case studies online.

Digital Ad Spending Projections

Asian digital ad, SEO, and SEM spending are projected to surpass $200 billion dollars by 2025, increasing by over 88% in total. Spending is on the rise because mobile marketing is effective, budget-friendly, and generates a high ROI and low KPIbut only if strategies are localized. Media Contact:


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About: InterAd has successfully established brand awareness and captured sizable market share for over 500 global companies from over 20 countries. They specialize in localized B2B and B2C product marketing throughout Korea, Japan, China, and the APAC. Services include consulting, design, development, and implementation of data-driven digital strategies for SEO, SEM, YouTube SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Online Public Relations.

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