Finding the perfect bed that fits all your needs can be a challenge, especially if you’re an athlete or have major health concerns. In place of mass production, Swedish company DUXIANA has developed a way for customers to customize their own high-performance bed.

If you’re constantly up tossing and turning or suffer from relentless back pain, DUXIANA’s world-renowned DUX bed can provide you with a solid base for the rest and relief you’ve been waiting for. In addition to quality, there’s a strong emphasis on design as the DUX Studio allows future owners of the luxurious statement piece to choose everything from how high the mattress is off the ground all the way down to the fabric of your bed skirt. To make things as seamless as possible, the process can all be done online and you’re able to watch your design unfold in just a few clicks. The product image will instantly update depending on the features you choose.

Once you make the upgrade, know that you’ll be in good company as there are DUXIANA beds on a number of the world’s most prestigious hotels and recently, pro golfer Danielle Kang worked with the company to create her version of the DUX. Beyond beds, DUXIANA recently launched the new Alicia Sofa, an elevated and customizable collection that can transform any living space. To provide Forbes with behind-the-scenes insight on the customization experience along with details on the Alicia Sofa, we conducted a joint interview below with DUXIANA’s CEO Henrik Ljung and Jang.

Isis Briones: Can you elaborate on one major change you’ve implemented since becoming CEO?

Henrik Ljung: “One of the biggest changes we implemented this year is our online Bed Builder, which is unique to our most recently launched DUX ONE model. As retail experiences have moved to e-commerce, The DUX ONE online Bed Builder serves as an immersive design adventure that allows you to choose from over 200 customizable options — from bed skirts, to legs and headboards — and build your dream bed virtually. This way, you can get a strong visual of what your bed will look like within your home, without having to leave it.”

IB: We hear there’s also a DUX Bed Owner’s Club, what was the inspiration behind this program?

HL: “The Owners Club was inspired by a desire to provide a higher level of service to our customers. When someone purchases a DUX bed, our intention is that it will be a long-term purchase. In other words, we build our beds to last. Given this, we want to ensure our customers continue to hear from us and feel valued. We do this by offering DUX bed owners exclusive discounts, etc. on products, hotels, restaurants, and more.”

IB: What’s one underrated customization feature customers shouldn’t look over when purchasing a DUX Bed? 

HL: “I’m really proud of our Pascal System, which is a unique customizable cassette system within our DUX Beds. Beneath the top pad, there are six interchangeable spring cassettes — three for each side in different tensions: soft, medium and firm. This system allows you and your partner to individually customize your side of the bed for optimal bed support and comfort.

Additionally, in some models, the top layer of The DUX Bed with Pascal can be unzipped, so you can re-arrange the spring cassettes to accommodate wherever you may need extra support due to a life change, such as pregnancy or an injury.”

IB: Does the company have plans to open more retail locations in the future? If so, where?

HL: “Because DUX is a family-owned company, we have the luxury of being able to evolve more quickly due to less restrictions. While Covid has definitely opened our eyes to online retail, we’re always looking to expand our physical presence across the US. We currently have stores in the top 14 markets and hope to hit 15 soon.”

IB: Danielle, what was the most important feature you needed to have in your bed?

DK: “Being a professional golfer, traveling is a huge part of my life. Long hours in cars, airplanes, and time changes can have negative effects on my sleeping habits. I believe sleep is one of the most important fundamentals in order to perform at the highest level. There are many research studies that show how sleep can be imperative for muscle recovery, as well as mental health on and off the course.

My DUX mattress is a major problem-solver for my sleep complications. Everything is customizable, I’m able to adjust the firmness of the mattress along with the support on my lower back and after long days of work of exercising and playing golf, my DUX helps me get a great night’s rest. To top it off, the design is absolutely classic and beautiful. I feel like I’m on a cloud and I’m thankful to have found a mattress created to alleviate back pain and it works.”

IB: Finally, will there be future customization options for other items like the Jetson chair? 

HL: “Absolutely. A good example of this is the Alicia sofa, which was created in partnership with Claesson Koivisto Rune and recently launched in Europe. The Alicia sofa features the DUX spring and Pascal system for unprecedented comfort, and is virtually limitless when it comes to customizability. It can be fully designed by the customer, so there are no design restrictions. Your Alicia sofa can be as small as a one-seater or as wide as a 300-foot sofa, the options are endless.”

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