The launch of the next-gen Xbox Series X and Series S this week has brought a hefty dose of weirdness to social media.

A little more than 24 hours after the consoles were officially released, much has happened outside of actual video games being played. That’s to be expected during the type of technological unveiling that has become a genuine cultural event, but it has still been wild to follow.

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Let’s break down what’s happened so far:

People tricked by smoking Xbox Series X

Videos of Xbox systems supposedly overheating and releasing clouds of smoke circulated through social media Wednesday even after they were shown to be fake.

Because there is a precedent for expensive devices catching fire, perhaps people were more easily swayed into trusting the misleading clips, which were achieved using a hidden vape pen. Or the internet has just eroded all of our brains into gullible mush.

The explanation for the smoke trick is quite simple.

A random drone show in Germany

Microsoft really put together an eight-minute drone show to celebrate its Xbox launch. Non-gamer citizens of Cologne, Germany, must have been pretty confused about the floating rectangle in the night sky.

Unwelcome Xbox decoration

Reddit user Instahoj shared a picture Wednesday of a brand new Xbox Series X desecrated with crayon scribbles from one of their children.

Crayon can (hopefully) be cleaned off with store-bought supplies, but that must have been a horrifying sight.

Ping pong balls

Another fake video!

People were tricked into believing the Xbox Series X fan could make a ping pong ball appear to levitate over the console because of several viral social media posts. Again: eroded, gullible mush brains.

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