It isn’t every year we get to see new gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but when they do, we are always hell-bent to find out which has the better end product. Therefore, the question on every gamer’s mind in 2020 is, obviously, should I go for the Sony PlayStation 5 or the Microsoft Xbox Series X? Look no further as we’re going to highlight the biggest differences between the two highly-coveted consoles so you can make an informed decision on what to get once they’re released.

The PS5 is much bigger than the Xbox

PS5 Vs Xbox The PS5 is bigger in Size Photo: Pixabay

The first thing you would notice about the PS5 is its larger dimensions compared to its rival. The internet has made enough jokes about it, with memes drawing similarities between the console’s size and that of everything from small dogs to WWE stars. Let’s make no mistake, at 15.4 inches tall, 10.24 inches deep and 4.09 inches wide, the size is quite large for a gaming console and it will take a considerable amount of space in your TV unit or table. However, the PS5 can be placed both horizontally and vertically. When it is laid down flat, it should comfortably fit into your entertainment unit at home.

The Xbox has smaller dimensions with a height of just under a foot, and length and width under six inches each. Both consoles have a similar processing speed, with a chip running eight cores at a frequency of 3.5 GHz, Microsoft has fit these specifications in a smaller bezel. Though this may seem efficient, the design of the Xbox is reminiscent of CPU units from the early 2000s, with its all black body and a fan unit on top. The PS5 has a more stylish design and a complex form, with a characteristic tapering from the bottom to the top, some stylish lighting, and a black and white color scheme.

Disk drives, connectivity and storage

Xbox Both The Xbox and PS5 have similar specifications Photo: Pixabay

Microsoft’s new console also has a disk drive unit built in as a standard on all devices, whereas the PS5 will be available to users in two versions: one that features a disk drive and a digital-only version for the online gaming aficionados. If you want a digital version of the Xbox, purchase the Series S, which has lower performance specifications compared to the flagship Series X.

When it comes to connectivity ports on the front of the consoles, the PS5 has a USB Type C and a USB Type A port with a couple of buttons for power and the disk drive, while the Series X has just one USB Type A port and a power button. At the back, both consoles have two USB Type A ports and a LAN port to connect to the internet. Both the PS5 and Series X also have HDMI ports.

In terms of storage, Microsoft has given users the option of a proprietary external 1 TB fast storage drive which can be plugged on the back of the console. The fast storage is necessary for gaming these days, because it allows for seamless transitions between interfaces and drastically reduces load times for gamers. The storage device is very compact and feels durable. But at a cost of over $200, the device is not cheap. The PS5 comes with the standard SSD storage expansion that Sony has successfully used in previous versions of the console.

How do the controllers match up?

Console Controller This is the most personal part of any console Photo: Pixabay

Control units can make or break your experience when using a console. Considering this, the Xbox’s control unit had nothing new to offer compared to its previous generations. However, by sticking to its tried and tested design, Microsoft has ensured that there will be no compatibility issues with older controllers on the Xbox Series X. It can also work the other way around, and you can use your new Series X controller on even the Xbox One console. You cannot use a PS5 controller on any of its previous versions. You will have to shell out money for a completely new set of controllers on your new PS5.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and in terms of gameplay, the PS5 controller has a lot more to offer. It is more precise with movements and much easier to handle and navigate, compared to the Xbox Series X. The haptics on the PS5 controller are also more responsive. You get a better immersive experience with the PS5 controller, with bumps, jerks and vibrations in just the right places and right times during your gameplay. One outstanding example of this is the PS5’s trigger buttons, where you control the device with your index fingers, which increase and decrease the pressure needed to activate them, depending on the game you are playing.

That wraps up the physical comparison of the two units. With the holiday season and Black Friday approaching, you may also want to check out the deals for the products on BestBuy, so you can get your gaming console at the best price.

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