TLDR: With The All-In-One Digital Branding Certification Bundle, you’ll have all the training to get a new brand up and running across all the important digital avenues.

No matter how great your product or service is, without an easy, identifiable brand element to encapsulate it all, there’s a good chance your business will fly right past most modern digital audiences.

That means not only defining how you want your business to be seen online, but all the ways it’ll be seen and experienced, from images to text to social media. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but the training in The All-in-One Digital Branding Certification Bundle ($45, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) explains the basic steps all the platform you have to know and master to get the most out of your business in the digital space.

The bundle features 10 courses with 37 hours of in-depth content examining exactly how to create awareness, build audiences and maximize both excitement and sales for your brand online.

The 2-Hour Digital Products: Learn How to Create and Sell Online course starts your education, offering guidance in the tools to create nearly any type of digital product and make it profitable. The How to Create a Professional Website with No Coding is more foundational knowledge as you craft a web hub for your business that educates and enhances your brand image.

Digital marketing today often centers around your social media messaging, so the Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners training is an insightful primer for mastering the world of social marketing. Meanwhile, the Social Media Graphic Design for Beginners course emphasizes the imagery you use with your post, whether you’re engaging audiences on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or others.

Since no two social platforms are exactly the same, this collection also comes with specific training in some of the most influential sales platforms for entrepreneurs, including LinkedIn, Instagram and the current darling of the youngest digital crowd, TikTok.

Finally, you also need a firm command of the basics of your messaging. That’s where training like The Ultimate Copywriting Masterclass: Pro Secrets to Success and 2020 Blogging Bootcamp: Build a Successful and Profitable Blog outline provide strategies for crafting effective copy and even a brand-centric blog for surging your sales forward. You’ll even delve into the effectiveness of influencers to see if that could help your efforts as well.

This is over $1,000 worth of marketing know-how on sale for just $45, less than $5 per course.

Prices are subject to change.

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