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O caption! My caption!: The New Yorker fired Jeffrey Toobin, CNN reports, nearly a month after he exposed himself on a Zoom meeting with coworkers in an incident he called a “stupid mistake.” Toobin is also on leave from CNN, where he is chief legal analyst.

Body shaming: The highly anticipated PS5 game console is finally available today. Assuming you can find one, there’s only one problem: it’s ugly. The central black body draped by white fins looks like a gaudy, asymmetrical vampire. Laying it on its side doesn’t help either. But there are plenty of design hacks floating around, reports PCMag, with advice on disguising the beast or picking an entertainment console that will hide it well.

Hit job: The election may be over, but The Lincoln Project isn’t done. The conservative PAC is going after two law firms that are helping Trump dispute the results: Jones Day and Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP. TLP is committing half a million dollars to the effort, says Bloomberg News, and is encouraging employees of the firm to “resign in protest.”

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